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.t - Alchemy chemical modeller output soubor
.t - Mime: application/x-troff
.t - Paradox database soubor
.t - roff /troff unformatted manual page
.t - Tads source
.t - Tester symbol table (ReaGeniX code generator)
.t - Unix Tape Archive = TAR without compression (tar)
.t#? - Time Line soubor
.t$ - Modem Bitware Fax disk5 soubor
.t$2a - Soubor platformy MAC (Timbuktu Pro)
.t$ab - Soubor platformy MAC (Timbuktu Pro Address Book)
.t01 - Tonline Netscape soubor
.t01 - TaxCut 2001 soubor (TaxCut)
.t02 - Tonline Netscape soubor
.t2 - TrueType Font
.t2k - Teach2000 Document
.t2t - Sonata CAD modeling soubor
.t2w - Ntgraph Turbo Pascal soubor
.t3 - Tarshare soubor
.t32 - Drive Image5 soubor
.t3d - Epic's Unreal Editor 3D scene format
.t3d - Game: FiFa2000 environment soubor
.t44 - dBASE IV temporary soubor
.t4g - Tscad4 soubor
.t4l - Tscad4 biblio soubor
.t64 - Commodore 64 emulator tape (C64S emulator)
.t65 - Adobe PageMaker template
.t98 - Kiplinger Tax Cut soubor (1998 Tax Year)
.t99 - (Note: Kiplinger Tax Cut State Return soubors are of the form .T??
.t?? - Ingres Table/Index soubor (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
.taac - Sun TAAC bitmap image
.tab - Colour lookup table (CMYK image) (Stork format)
.tab - Lotus 1-2-3 table
.tab - Microsoft Map table
.tab - TAB separated soubor
.tad - Mime: application/octet-stream
.taf - Tonline Db soubor
.tag - DataFlex query tag name
.tag - Mime: text/prs.lines.tag
.tags - MIME Tag types site
.tah - Turbo Assembler Help soubor
.tai - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Analyse Info
.tajima - Tajima DST soubor format (MS Word)
.tal - Adobe TypeAlign text illustration
.talk - Mime: plugin/talker
.talk - Mime: text/x-speech
.talk - Mime: x-plugin/x-talker
.talk - Text to speech
.tam - Tame Program Settings
.tao - IsoBuster soubor
.tap - TAPe soubor (ZX Spectrum emulator by G.A. Lunter)
.tap - Wave Sound, Action Wave
.tar - Mime: appliation/x-tar
.tar - Mime: application/x-tar
.tar - Tape Archive, Unix standard Archive format / not compressed
.tardist - Mime: application/x-tardist
.targa - Truevision TarGA bitmap image
.tat - Grafic twain Toolkit soubor
.tax - Turbotax soubor
.taz - Mime: application/x-tar
.taz - TAR Compressed Tape Archive, Gzip/Compress
.tb1 - Borland Turbo C font soubor
.tb2 - Borland Turbo C font soubor
.tbb - MS Windows Office Toolbar Button
.tbc - Formula 1 car race 2001 Season01 Vehicles soubor
.tbd - Microsoft Mse soubor
.tbf - Fax (Imavox TurboFax)
.tbf - Trellian Button Factory soubor http://www.trellian.com/tbf/index.html
.tbi - Game: fifa 2001 data cmn be soubor
.tbk - Memo backup (dBASE IV/FoxPro)
.tbk - Mime: application/toolbook
.tbk - Mime: application/x-tbook
.tbk - ToolBooK (Asymetrix ToolBook)
.tbl - Dynamic link library
.tbl - TaBLe, used by several programs
.tbnd - Soubor platformy MAC (Communication Tool)
.tbp - Mime: application/x-timbuktu
.tbr - Norton Desktop custom ToolBaR
.tbs - German Ms Word text elements (TextBauSteine)
.tbs - Intel VTune performance monitor
.tbt - Mime: application/timbuktu
.tbx - Project Scheduler 4 table
.tb_ - Visc15 Adressen Setup soubor
.tc - Borland C++ Configuration (former Turbo C)
.tc - Termcap
.tc - TrueCrypt disk volume (TrueCrypt) | www.truecrypt.org/
.tcc - Turbo C / Gcc include std soubor
.tcd - TurboCAD for DOS
.tch - Help soubor (Turbo C/Borland C++)
.tci - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Configuration Info
.tcl - Mime: application/x-tcl
.tcl - Mime: text/x-skript.tcl
.tcl - Tcl/Tk (Tool Command Language) skript source code
.tcl - TextPad Clip Library
.tcl~ - Tcl/tk soubor
.tcm - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Comment Text soubor
.tco - T9000 object modules
.tcp2 - Soubor platformy MAC (TCP/Connect II)
.tcpa - (MAC CREATOR CODE) America On Line TCPa_text
.tcpa - Soubor platformy MAC (AOL Web Browser)
.tcpstreaM - Snort soubor
.tcsh - Mime: text/x-skript.tcsh
.tcsh - Unix shell skript (tcsh)
.tct - Bc31 Bin soubor
.tcw - TurboCAD for Windows drawing
.td - Borland Turbo Debugger for DOS configuration soubor
.td0 - Teledisk disk image (compressed diskette in a soubor)
.td1 - TeleDisk Archive
.td2 - Borland Turbo Debugger for Win32 configuration soubor
.td3 - TeleDisk Archive
.td4 - RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design
.td? - TeleDisk Archive
.tdat - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Data File)
.tdb - TACT database
.tddd - Imagine Object soubor Format
.tdf - Bitstream Fontware Deskription
.tdf - MS Setup program data; see STF
.tdf - Speedo Typeface Definition soubor
.tdf - TheDraw font
.tdh - Borland Turbo Debugger Help soubor
.tdi - Alias Wavefront image
.tdi - TDI Explore image
.tdim - Digital F/X image format
.tdk - Borland Turbo Debugger Keystroke recording
.tdl - Intuit de online dat soubor
.tdl - Stratum library soubor
.tdo - Thumbs32 soubor
.tdp - Midiprg Thedrums compressed soubor
.tdr - Contents of Arvid tape
.tds - Borland Turbo Debugger Symbol table
.tdw - Borland Turbo Debugger for Windows configuration
.tdx - Visual FoxPro Offline View
.tdy - Tandy soubor
.te2 - Conquest of the New World
.tea - Tea Template Source soubor
.teb - HDL test bench soubor
.tec - "Tanner Ledit" Layout technology data
.tef - Fax (Relisys TEFAX)
.tel - Telnet host soubor
.tem - Borland C++ Turbo Editor Macro Language skript
.tem - IconAuthor input template
.temp - SWISH-E soubor
.temp - Dočasný soubor
.ter - CorelFlow line terminator (arrow picture)
.ter - TerraGen TERrain Terrain
.terms - cygwin tk8.0 demos soubor
.terrain - TerraGen Terrain
.tet - Tetris results (DN)
.tex - Idealist datasheet
.tex - LaTeX text (unix)
.tex - Mime: application/x-tex
.tex - on WINDOS old fashion TEXT soubor
.tex - PaintShopPro Texture image format
.tex - TEX Equation
.tex - Text document (Unix TeX )
.tex - Texture picture Windows' Hover game
.tex - TEXture used in Paint Shop Pro
.texi - Mime: application/x-tex
.texi - Mime: application/x-texinfo
.texi - TEXINFO
.texinfo - Mime: application/x-texinfo
.texinfo - Same as TEXI
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (BinHex (PC ext: HQX))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (HTML files created by PageMill (PC ext: HTM))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (HTML for Internet Explorer (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (HTML for Netscape Navigator (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (Illustrator 3 (PC ext: AI))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (Mathematica (all kinds of files))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (SimpleText File (PC ext: TXT))
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (BinHex Encoded Filele)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (C Header Filelea File)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (C Source File)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (C++ Source File)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (HTML Document)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (HTML Documentd Filele)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (Perl Source File)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (Postscript File)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (Rez Resource File)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (Text editor)
.text - Soubor platformy MAC (XML Document File)
.text - Mime: application/plain
.text - Mime: application/text
.text - Mime: text/plain
.text - Raw TEXT soubor
.tf - TinyFugue MUD client macro
.tf - Turbo Prosouborr configuration
.tfa - Turbo Prosouborr Area soubor
.tfc - Catalogue soubor (Tobi's Floppy Cataloguer)
.tfh - Turbo Prosouborr Help soubor
.tfm - Tagged Font Metric soubor (Intellifont/TeX)
.tfmx - Amiga Audio soubor (Final Musicsystem eXtended)
.tfs - Turbo Prosouborr statistical information
.tfw - (header needed for georeferencing) soubors for MrSID
.tfw - ArcView world soubor for tif image
.tfx - Traffix Traffic Analysis Software
.tg - Technical Guidance (NRC Inspection Manual)
.tg1 - On Target project soubor
.tg4 - TG4 image format
.tga - Truevision TarGA bitmap image (may be RLE compressed)
.tgf - Mime: chemical/x-mdl-tgf
.tgh - TrueGas Host soubor
.tgi - Pbm soubor
.tgq - Bullfrog Software : Movie (Dungeon Keeper 2)
.tgt - Corel40 Custom soubor
.tgv - Electronic Arts : Video soubor (Need for Speed, NBA)
.tgw - TerraGen World
.tgworld - TerraGen World
.tgz - Mime: application/gnutar
.tgz - Mime: application/x-compressed
.tgz - Mime: application/x-tar
.tgz - ZIP Archive; TAR Tape Archive (probably Gzip compressed); see TAR,TAZ,GZ
.th - Javasoft Jre 1.3,lib soubor
.tha - WINXP SYSTEM32 soubor
.thb - Clipart; Hijack Thumbnail
.thd - Thread
.the - Microsoft Plus Pack Desktop Theme
.thelp - Compiler/decompiler for Borland Help soubors (soubor format in German)
.them - MS Windows Desktop Theme
.theme - Windows Desktop Theme
.thm - THuMbnail bitmap image used by eg. Picture Publisher and PhotoMagic Thumbnail
.thm - Sonyericsson mobile phone theme soubor
.thme - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Theme File)
.thml - Theological HTML (HTML with Greek Fonts etc)
.thn - Graphics Workshop for Windows thumbnail
.thng - Soubor platformy MAC (Thing)
.thnl - Same as THN
.thor - Database deskription (THOR database)
.thp - TurboTax-related soubor
.ths - WordPerfect for Win THeSaurus dictionary
.thumb - Thumbnail soubor (JAlbum)
.thx - Amiga THX Tracker music
.ti - Temporary Instruction (NRC Inspection Manual)
.ti - Temporary Instruction (NRC Inspection Manual)
.tib - Acronis TrueImage backup disk image soubor (Acronis TrueImage) | www.acronis.com/homecomputing/products/trueimage/
.tic - FTN special soubor with associated soubor deskription (ALLFIX)
.tid - "IBM Voice Type" languages tasks soubor
.tif - Aldus Tagged Image soubor Format (TIFF) bitmap image, many different formats (Uncompressed, Huffman compressed, LZW,Jpeg,CCITT3/4, G3 FAX, G4 FAX, Packed Bits)
.tif - Mime: image/tiff
.tif - Mime: image/x-tiff
.tiff - Soubor platformy MAC (TIFF file)
.tiff - Aldus Tagged Image soubor Format (TIFF) bitmap image, many different formats (Uncompressed, Huffman compressed, Jpeg,LZW,CCITT3/4, G3 FAX, G4 FAX, Packed Bits)
.tiff - Mime: image/tiff
.tiff - Mime: image/x-tiff
.tig - Tiger soubor, used by U.S. government to distribute maps
.til - Buttonz & Tilez texture image format
.til - Fuzzy logic knowledge base (Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler)
.tim - Sony PlayStation bitmap image
.tim - Tagged Image soubor Format
.tinf - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Theme Info File)
.tip - Tip of the day for Microsoft and MFC applications.
.tis - MahJongg 3.0 tile set
.tjf - VAXTPU Backup soubor (VAXTPU is default OpenVMS editor)
.tjl - Backup soubor (VAXTPU editor)
.tjs - Sound
.tk2 - Take Two view soubor
.tki - Mime: application/x-tkined
.tkined - Mime: application/x-tkined
.tla - TLA - The Temporal Logic of Actions (TLA+ tools) | research.microsoft.com/users/lamport/tla/tools.html
.tlb - Bubble Chamber reference table
.tlb - Remote Automation OLE TypeLiB soubors, Dynamic Link Library
.tlb - Text library (VAX)
.tlc - Compiled Tool Command Language source code (Geoworks Swat)
.tld - Teledisk disk image
.tle - NASA Two-Line Element Set
.tlf - Opengl Stonehenge soubor
.tlh - Adder100 source soubor
.tli - Adder100 source soubor
.tlist - 3d Graphic
.tlo - SPSS TableLooks soubor http://www.cam.ac.uk/cs/docs/leaflets/m583/
.tlp - TimeLine project
.tlr - Ccs-lib.2 Acs soubor
.tls - Zortech 21 Readme soubor
.tlt - Trellix Web Design soubor
.tlx - Goldwave 402 soubor
.tl_ - Game: doko inst soubor
.tm - Bitmap image (EOSAT's Landsat Thematic Mapper data soubor)
.tmap - Real Pool Image
.tmb - Tmx editor user soubor
.tmc - DCI TradeManager Catalog Archive
.tmd - Lotus TvMap Document
.tmd - Swisslog TimeData soubor
.tmd - Dokument - TextMaker 6.0 do verze 2006
.tme - Swisslog TimeStudy Event History
.tmf - Tagged Font Metric soubor (WordPerfect for Win)
.tmk - Turbopas Tp_tour soubor
.tml - Padgen soubor
.tmo - Ztg global optimizer default output soubor (Zortech C++)
.tmp - temporary soubor
.tmpl - SWISH-E example soubor
.tms - Telemate compiled skript
.tmt - temporary soubor
.tmx - Tmx editor soubor
.tn1 - Tiny image format
.tn2 - Tiny image format
.tn3 - Tiny image format
.tn? - 2d Graphic
.tnb - Windows Bitmap
.tng - Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed soubor
.tni - Virtua Tennis Menusoubors Common soubor
.tnl - Thumbnail image format
.tnpoly - Triangulated polygon soubors
.tnv - Bitware Fax soubor
.tny - TiNY bitmap image used on Atari
.toc - FrameMaker
.toc - Mime: application/toc
.toc - Table Of Contents (index soubor)
.tocf - Soubor platformy MAC (Eudora TOC)
.tok - Borland C++ 4.x external tokens
.tol - Tonline Bsw4 tol soubor
.tombraidER 3 - Tomb raider 3 save game
.ton - Wave Siggen-2.1 soubor
.too - Asm Objasm soubor
.tools - Dos djgpp tools soubor
.top - IBM netfinity Rack Configurator extension
.tor - Guitar Musik trainer Register.ds soubor
.tor - Nba 99 art ingame anims soubor
.torrent - Informační soubor sítě/programu BitTorrent (BitTorrent)
.tos - Self-extracting soubor archive (Atari ST)
.toys - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Script Editor ToyS text
.toys - Soubor platformy MAC (Script Editor)
.tp - Turbo Prosouborr session-state soubor
.tp3 - Harvard Graphics DOS 3.0 Template
.tp4 - RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design Screenshot
.tp? - Tracker Packer v1/v2/v3 formats (music/sound)(Asle / ReDoX)
.tpa - Corel Graphics10 Custom soubor
.tpb - Downloadable PCL Soft font soubor backup (HiJaak)
.tpc - Rtfgen soubor
.tpc - 3D TopicScape exported topic link soubor format
.tpf - Downloadable PCL Soft font soubor (HiJaak)
.tph - Turbo Pascal Help soubor
.tpi - Tonline soubor
.tpic - Soubor platformy MAC (TARGA Image)
.tpl - CakeWalk Audio Template soubor
.tpl - Mime: application/vnd.groove-tool-template
.tpl - Resident units library (Turbo Pascal)
.tpl - TemPLate (Harvard Graphics/GoldEd/ITrack)
.tpl - Template for Page Express; see DTP
.tpl - Ulead iPhoto Express TemPLate
.tpl - PHP template soubor - Smarty (Smarty: Template Engine) | smarty.php.net/
.tpm - TextPad Macro (Windows text editor); see TCL
.tpo - 3d Graphic
.tpoly - 3d Graphic
.tpp - Borland Pascal 7.0 Protected Mode Units
.tps - WN16 DICT soubor
.tpt - Thumbs32 soubor
.tpu - Command soubor (VAXTPU editor)
.tpu - Enable Teleprocessing
.tpu - Turbo Pascal Unit
.tpv - Packed graphics soubor (TutorPro)
.tpw - Turbo Prosouborr for Windows session-state soubor
.tpw - Turbo/Borland Pascal Unit (Windows library)
.tpz - TAR.GZ compressed soubor archive (Tar and GNUzip)
.tpz - Treepad Archive; text + pictures = zip
.tqf - Chemical test (Chemical-mime)
.tr - Mime: application/x-troff
.tr - TomeRaider database
.tr - Turbo Debugger for DOS session-state settings
.tr - Unformatted manual page (Roff/nroff/troff/groff)
.tr0 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tr1 - "IBM Voice Type" languages Addword soubor
.tr2 - Turbo Debugger for Win32 session-state settings
.tr3 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tr4 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tr5 - Tree Professional soubor
.tr6 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tr7 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tr8 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tr9 - Spice : transient analysis output
.tra - Mime: application/vnd.trueapp
.tran - Soubor platformy MAC (Document Convert)
.trans - Amaya soubor
.trc - Debug support soubor (Power CTrace)
.trce - Soubor platformy MAC (CorelTrace)
.tre - PC-Tools directory TREe soubor
.tri - Alias TRIangle soubor
.trif - Bitmap image (Tiled Raster Interchange Format)
.triple-s - Surveying soubor format
.trk - Mime: x-lml/x-gps
.trk - physical layout soubors (3d)
.trk - TRacK (i.e. video sequence) used by many games
.trm - Mime: application/x-msterminal
.trm - Terminal; (generic name)
.trm - Windows 3.x Terminal configuration settings
.trn - MKS Source Integrity project usage log
.trn - Translation (Windows)
.trn - Translation support soubor (Quattro/Clarion)
.tro - "IBM Voice Type" languages Vocabels soubor
.troff - Typesetting devices converted text format
.trp - Watcom binw soubor
.trs - Micrografx executable soubor
.trt - Team Sports Scheduling System Report Template
.tru - TRUe Basic source
.trw - Borland Turbo Debugger for Windows session-state settings
.trz - Accusoft Alldemo soubor
.tsb - TriSpectives 3D Drawing
.tsc - Win Help related soubor
.tsi - Mime: audio/tsp-audio
.tsi - Mime: audio/tsplayer
.tsk - Trend Pc-cillin 2000 soubor
.tsk - Windows soubor, system32
.tsm - Turbo Assembler for OS/2 manual
.tsn - Midi soubor
.tsnd - Soubor platformy MAC (Theme Sound File)
.tsp - Mime: application/dsptype
.tsp - Mime: audio/tsplayer
.tsp - Windows telephony Service Provider
.tsq - ODBC skript
.tsr - Swisslog TranStats Report
.tss - Team Sports Scheduling System Project soubor
.tst - WordPerfect for Win printer test soubor
.tsv - Mime: text/tab-separated-values
.tsv - Tab Separated Values
.tsx - Team Sports Scheduling System XML Project soubor
.tt - True type font soubor
.tta - TAU Producer soubor - TTA Lossless audio codec (TAU producer) | www.true-audio.com
.ttbs - Soubor platformy MAC (PowerPoint Toolbars File)
.ttc - TrueType Font Collection, multiple fonts in a single soubor(Far East Windows)
.ttf - Mime: application/octet-stream
.ttf - TrueType Font, variable size
.tth - Soubor hry Vampire - Bloodlines | www.activision.com
.ttk - Corel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit
.ttl - Tera Term Macro soubor
.tto - Client access data specification soubor (AS/400) (Server to Client)
.ttp - Atari Falcon Application
.ttr - TrueType Font
.ttro - Soubor platformy MAC (SimpleText Read-Only ttxt_ttro)
.ttro - Soubor platformy MAC (ReadMe File)
.ttta - Soubor platformy MAC (TableText Table)
.ttvf - Soubor platformy MAC (PlainTalk Voice)
.ttxt - (Creator Code Mac) SimpleText "ttxt" (all lower case. This was also used by TeachText)
.ttxt - (MAC CREATOR CODE) SimpleText soubor (PC ext: TXT)
.ttxt - Soubor platformy MAC (SimpleText)
.tty - Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 soubor
.ttz - Mime: application/t-time
.tt_ - Compressed TTF
.tub - PaintshopPro(5) picturetube, a multi-celled picture
.tud - The Ultimate Draw document
.tun - Fifa World Cup soubor
.tur - Visual Turing (a Turing machine simulator) Save soubor for machines.
.tur - Webalizer Lang soubor
.turboc3 - (make-)soubor for Borland Turbo C
.turbot - Mime: image/florian
.tut - Tutorial (generic)
.tuv - Generic Tutorial soubor
.tuw - Microsoft Office soubor
.tv - Paradox table view settings
.tv1 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 1
.tv2 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 2
.tv3 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 3
.tv4 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 4
.tv5 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 5
.tv6 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 6
.tv7 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 7
.tv8 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 8
.tv9 - WordPerfect for Win overflow soubor above insert point in Doc 9
.tvc - LOTUS 1-2-3 table soubor
.tvex - Soubor platformy MAC (MoviePlayer Plug-in)
.tvf - dBASE table view settings
.tvm - Mime: application/x-tvml
.tvml - Mime: application/x-tvml
.tvod - (MAC CREATOR CODE) JPEG 2 soubor by QT (PC ext: JPG)
.tvod - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Quick Time
.tvod - (MAC CREATOR CODE) QuickTime movie soubors (PC ext: MOV)
.tvod - Soubor platformy MAC (MoviePlayer)
.tvr - Boot soubor
.tvv - Format used by TV NOW Portable Video Recorder
.tvx - VoxPhone / TeleVox
.twain - TWAIN 1.8 Specification (Adobe Acrobat)
.twd - SYSTEM soubor
.twe - 3d Graphic
.twf - TabWorks data
.twg - ThatWaltGuy Web Server soubor
.twk - Bc31 Bgi2 tweak-soubor
.twn - Op9630 Settings soubor
.twn - Scanner Settings soubor
.twp - Toplevel Computing Fine Words (DOS Word Processor)
.tws - TextPad0.TWS (Shareware Windows text editor TextPad current settings)
.twt - Carmageddon 2 : Carpocalyse Now (saved game)
.tww - Tagwrite Template
.tw_ - Compressed Scanner us driver soubor
.tx - Photoline5 hlp soubor
.tx$ - Driver Modem Bitware disk4 soubor
.tx$ - Poppad soubor
.tx0 - virus notation soubor
.tx16w - Yamaha TX-16W sampler soubors
.tx8 - 8-bit ASCII text
.txb - Game: fifa 2001 data environ soubor
.txc - Urban Chaos Game soubor
.txf - Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.TXF
.txf - TAR.F compressed soubor archive (TAR and Freeze)
.txi - TeX support soubor
.txk - Kardplay 1.62 soubor
.txl - (3d) texture lib soubor (many prgs)
.txl - programming language designed to support computer software analysis and source transformation tasks
.txm - Steuer2001 Daten soubor
.txn - Mfhdf Doc soubor
.txn - MySpace IM related soubor
.txn - Microsoft transaction logs
.txr - Corel Graphics10 Custom soubor
.txt - Textový soubor
.txt - ANSI (Windows) TeXT
.txt - DisplayWrite document
.txt - many Dos Text editors used this extension
.txt - Mime: application/text
.txt - Mime: text/plain
.txt - OEM (Dos) Text
.txt - plain Text
.txt - Unix format Text(lf only)
.txw - Yamaha TX-16W Wave soubor (Convert (c) Villena)
.txx - DataPerfect Text Storage
.txz - Morfwarp au soubor
.tx_ - Compressed txt soubor
.tx_ - Webcd fread soubor
.tx~ - Compressed txt soubor
.tym - PageMaker 4 time stamp
.typ - Thumbs32 soubor
.tz - TAR.Z compressed soubor archive (TAR and Compress)
.tzb - TAR.Z.btoa compressed soubor archive (TAR - Compress - Btoa)
.tzd - Netscape Communicator locale soubor