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.n - cygwin man soubor
.n64 - Nintento 64? Emulation ROM Image
.na2 - Netscape Communicator addressbook
.naa - MSNBC News alert advertising data
.nab - Netscape Communicator addressbook
.nac - MSNBC News alert channel data
.nacl - Soubor platformy MAC (NameCleaner)
.nad - Noder soubor (Polish)
.nah - Xsyssoubor
.nai - Xsyssoubor
.nak - Audio soubor
.nal - NimbleGen Array Layout for ArrayScribe(TM) - http://www.nimblegen.com/products/software/arrayscribe/
.nam - Sheffield dictionary soubor
.nan - Nanoscope soubor
.nap - Mime: image/naplps
.nap - NAPLPS Vector image metasoubor (VideoShow/EnerGraphics)
.naplps - Mime: image/naplps
.naplps - North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax = Vector image
.napr - Soubor platformy MAC (NameCleaner Prefs File)
.nas - Xsys soubor
.nav - AirNav image format
.nav - Ms Network component
.nav - MSN Application Extension
.navionicS - GPS chart format
.nb - Mime: application/mathematica
.nb - Nota Bene text document
.nb - Notebook (Corel WordPerfect tbv)
.nba - Nba game data
.nbr - Number
.nc - Instructions for Numerical Control machine (CAMS)
.nc - Mime: application/x-netcdf
.nc - Preprosessed GOC source : non-error-checking (GEOS)
.nc - Unidata netCDF Graphics
.nc? - FLASHGET downloader incomplete download
.ncb - Class browsing information (Ms Developer Studio)
.ncc - CNC (Computer Numeric Control) control soubor (CamView 3D)
.ncch - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Internet Cache)
.ncd - CoverDesigner image format
.ncd - Norton Change Directory (disk directory information)
.ncd - Soubor vytvořený vypalovacím programem (NTI CD Maker) | www.nticdmaker.com
.ncf - NetWare configuration = STARTUP.NCF
.nch - MS Outlook Express Email Tree
.nclk - Mime: text/html
.ncm - Mime: application/vnd.nokia.configuration-message
.ncm - Nokia Communicator configuration message
.nco - Komprimovaný soubor zálohy - program Nero BackItUp (Nero BackItUp) | www.nero.com
.ncp - Nhl Ice Hockey 2002 user nhlcards soubor
.ncr - NCR Image image format
.ncs - Netscape Conference Call soubor
.ncsa - Soubor platformy MAC (NCSA Telnet)
.ncsa - Bitmap image (Hierarchical Data soubor) (NCSA)
.nct - CoverDesigner Template image format
.ndb - Mime: x-lml/x-ndb
.ndb - Network database (Intellicom/Compex)
.ndf - NimbleGen Design soubor
.ndl - Inmos hardware network deskription soubor
.ndl - Lotus Notes data
.ndl - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.ndl - Nodelist soubor
.ndo - 3D Low-polygon Modeler
.ndrv - Soubor platformy MAC (System Driver)
.ndsis - Injury Surveillance Data Exchange specification
.ndx - dBase Index (generally database index)
.ned - MSN Application Extension
.nef - Nikon Digital SLR Camera Raw Image soubor
.neo - Atari NeoChrome bitmap image
.nes - Nintendo Entertainment System ROM Image
.net - gen. Network configuration/info soubor
.netcdf - Scientific data NETwork Common Data Format
.netrc - .netrc soubor Format for TCP/IP (AIX) | publib.boulder.ibm.com/infocenter/pseries/v5r3/index.jsp?topic=/com.ibm.aix.files/doc/aixfiles/netrc.htm
.neu - gen. german new
.new - New info
.news - Soubor platformy MAC (Newsgroup f)
.news - NeWS bitmap image
.nez - Emulator soubor used for game consoles (NES)
.nf - Cvip nf_help soubor
.nff - Haines Neutral soubor Format and WorldToolkit minimal 3D scene deskription language
.nfg - Newsbin config soubor
.nfo - MsInfo document
.nfo - Netware Folio help format
.nfo - nfo readme soubor, common text soubor
.nft - Netobjects fusion Netobjects System soubor
.nfx - Netobjects fusion Components Bbscomp soubor
.ng - Norton guide online documentation database
.ngb - Nonogram puzzle
.ngd - NimbleGen Gene Deskription
.ngg - Nokia Group Graphics image format
.ngl - Sheffield dictionary soubor
.ngo - NG linker object ( = NGML)
.ngp - NimbleGen Project
.ngs - NG compiler source ( = NGC)
.nhf - Nero HFS-CD Compilation
.nhl - Nhl Ice Hockey game 2002 user teams soubor
.ni - Netobjects fusion Preview soubor
.nib - Corel Graphics10 Photopoint soubor
.nif - Binary hardware network initialisation soubor
.nif - Mime: application/x-nif
.nif - Mime: image/x-niff
.nif - NIFF Navy Image soubor Format (bitmap) graphics interchange format
.niff - Bitmap image (Navy Interchange soubor Format)
.niff - Mime: image/x-niff
.nil - Norton Icon Library soubor
.nimblegen - ArrayScribe = NimbleGen Array Layout Editor
.nisi - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Nisus NISI text
.nist - Audio (short ints,mono,NIST header:1024 byte, used in TIMIT)
.nitf - National Imagery Transmission Format
.nix - Mime: application/x-mix-transfer
.nix - REF soubor
.njx - NJStar Document
.nl - Norton Desktop Icon Library
.nlb - Game: colin Mc Rae car race Network Leader boards soubor
.nld - WINXP SYSTEM32 soubor
.nlm - Nokia animations screen
.nlm - Nokia Logo soubor image format
.nlm - Novell Netware Loadable Module
.nlp - Newsletter Profi 2001
.nls - Character Translation; National Language Services driver (font or font map)
.nls - Mime: text/nls
.nlu - Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger soubor
.nlx - FormWorx form
.nl_ - WIN32S compressed soubor
.nmea - GPS protocol(0183) send and receive waypoints + other data
.nmgf - 2d Graphic
.nmk - Oc2.316s cakit soubor
.nml - Mime: application/vnd.enliven
.nml - News Markup Language
.nmp - Neopaint Mask image format
.nms - Numega Softice's Loader soubor (includes debugging info)
.nmw - T126_Whiteboard, open with: NetMeeting wb32.exe
.nmz - Mime: application/x-scream
.nnd - Mime: application/vnd.noblenet-directory
.nns - Mime: application/vnd.noblenet-sealer
.nntp - Soubor platformy MAC (NewsWatcher)
.nnw - Mime: application/vnd.noblenet-web
.noa - movie soubor from japanese cell phone
.nod - Netobjects fusion nodes soubor
.noi - Tgif-3.0 soubor
.noiserun - NoiseRunner format
.nol - Nokia Operator Logo image format
.non - NONogram puzzle
.nor - Soubor softwaru, ovladače grafické karty ATI (ATI Control Panel) | www.ati.com
.not - NOTation or NOTe
.note - WordPerfect for Mac help document
.notewortHY - Noteworthy 2 soubor Format
.notz - Soubor platformy MAC (Stickies)
.novs - Soubor platformy MAC (NetWare Control Center)
.now - UN-HTML15 soubor
.np - Project schedule (Nokia Planner) (Visual Planner 3.x)
.np? - Sound
.npd - Noder soubor (Polish)
.npdt - Soubor platformy MAC (Note Pad File)
.npdt - Soubor platformy MAC (NotePad)
.npe - NVIDIA ntune overclock system performance manager prosoubor settings (NVIDIA nTune) | www.nvidia.com/
.npf - NTI Backup
.npg - Magentic content download soubor
.npi - Source for DGEN.EXE interpreter (dBASE Application Generator)
.npm - Corel Graphics10 Draw media lines soubor
.nps - Lotus Agenda soubor
.npx - Mime: application/x-netfpx
.nqst - (MAC CREATOR CODE) SoundEdit 16 v.2
.nra - Nero Audio-CD Compilation
.nrb - Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation
.nrf - Bitmap image (Neutral Raster soubor)
.nrg - Soubor image vytvořený vypalovacím programem NERO (NERO) | www.ahead.de
.nrh - Nero Hybrid CD-ROM Compilation
.nri - Nero - Burning Rom (CD-burner software) soubor
.nrm - Nero Mixed-Mode-CD Compilation
.nrt - Nokia RingTone
.nru - Nero UDF/ISO CD-ROM Compilation
.nrv - Nero Video-CD Compilation
.ns2 - Lotus Notes data
.ns2 - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.ns3 - Lotus Notes data
.ns3 - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.ns4 - Lotus Notes Database
.ns4 - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.nsc - Noder soubor (Polish)
.nsc - Mime: application/x-conference
.nsd - Norton System Doctor Configuration
.nsf - Lotus Notes data
.nsf - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.nsg - Lotus Notes data
.nsg - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.nsh - Lotus Notes data
.nsh - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.nsi - Symantec Shared soubor
.nsl - Nokia Logo soubor
.nso - NetStudio Easy Web Graphics soubor
.nspl - Soubor platformy MAC (Netscape Plug-i)
.nss - Norton ScreenSaver module (NC - NDW Screen Saver)
.nss - Scrensaver - Magentic
.nst - Lotus Notes Template
.nst - NoiseTracker music module, originaly Amiga
.nsu - Soubor nastavení profilu programu nVidia nTune (NVIDIA nTune) | www.nvidia.com/
.nsx - Compound index soubor of uccessWare SIX 3.00
.nsz - nVidia nTune overclocking tool data soubor (NVIDIA nTune) | www.nvidia.com/
.nt - Windows NT startup soubors
.nt0 - Adressmn soubor
.nt1 - Adressmn soubor
.nt2 - Adressmn soubor
.nt3 - Adressmn soubor
.ntf - Lotus Notes database template
.ntf - Mime: application/vnd.lotus-notes
.nth - Imagemagick-5.3.2 Visualmagick jbig soubor
.ntp - Mediaface Design Software Image Library v1.2
.ntr - NetRun executable ascii text soubor
.nts - NetSend executable ascii text soubor
.nts - Norton tutorial
.ntx - Clipper database index
.ntz - InVircible antivirus blueprint
.nt_ - VFW compressed soubor
.nu3 - Symantec Norton Utilities Backup soubor
.nu4 - Norton Utilities Dll root soubor
.nu6 - Norton utility system Dll soubor
.nuf - Procomm Plus Message for new users on their 1st call
.nul - Ccs-lib.2 Acs soubor
.null - NULL image
.num - Dos7 soubor
.nurbs - 3d Graphic /spatial data
.nut - Lucas Arts Animation
.nvd - Aolpress Help soubor
.nvd - Mime: application/x-navidoc
.nvm - Aolpress Help soubor
.nvm - Mime: application/x-navimap
.nw3 - Netware.3x soubor
.nw4 - Netware.4x soubor
.nwc - Noteworthy Composer Song soubor
.nwp - Materials palette soubor
.nwp - Magentic content soubor
.nwp - Noteworthy Player soubor type
.nwp - NEC-Win Plus proprietary soubor format
.nws - Internet News Message text or HTM
.nws - Mime: message/rfc822
.nwut - Soubor platformy MAC (NetWare Tools)
.nw_ - Midiprg Noteworthy compressed soubor
.nxt - Next Font
.nxt - Sound (NeXT format)
.nx^2 - (MAC CREATOR CODE) WriteNow 3
.nx^2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Write Now 3 file)
.nx^2 - Soubor platformy MAC (WriteNow 3)
.nx^d - Soubor platformy MAC (Write Now 2 file)
.nx^d - Soubor platformy MAC (WriteNow Document)
.nx^n - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Write Now v. 3
.nx^n - (MAC CREATOR CODE) WriteNow 2
.nx^n - Soubor platformy MAC (WriteNow 2)
.nx^n - Soubor platformy MAC (WriteNow 3)
.nx__ - Soubor platformy MAC (WriteNow 4 Document)
.nym - Sheffield dictionary soubor
.nz - Audio Utility Tuningwrench compressed soubor