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.m - Brief macro module
.m - Common binary soubor name extension (Maple)
.m - Macro Editor text
.m - Mathematica function & commands
.m - MatLab function & commands
.m - Mime: text/plain
.m - Mime: text/x-m
.m - Objective-C language source (gcc)
.m - Script soubor (Miranda language)
.m - data format storing vertex and face information of a polygonal mesh (sim. 3ds)
.m!93 - Soubor platformy MAC (Director 4 Document)
.m!95 - Soubor platformy MAC (Director 5)
.m00 - ComputerEyes Animation
.m01 - ComputerEyes Animation
.m02 - ComputerEyes Animation
.m03 - ComputerEyes Animation
.m04,.. - ComputerEyes Animation
.m11 - Document; MASS11
.m11 - Farallon's MacRecorder format sampling rate 11k
.m13 - Mime: application/x-msmediaview
.m14 - Mime: application/x-msmediaview
.m14 - Steuer2001 soubor
.m18 - Accolade Golf Course soubor
.m1a - MPEG-1 audiostream
.m1c - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m1i - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m1s - MPEG-1 systemstream
.m1v - Mime: video/mpeg
.m1v - Moving Pictures Experts Group video (MPEG-1 IPB)
.m2 - Modula 2 language source
.m22 - Farallon's MacRecorder format sampling rate 22k
.m2a - Mime: audio/mpeg
.m2a - MPEG-2 audio
.m2c - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m2i - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m2o - Modula Fitted Modula2 soubor
.m2ts - MPEG-2 stream
.m2v - Mime: video/mpeg
.m2v - MPEG-2 IPB videostream
.m3 - Modula 3 programming language source code
.m3a - Mime: audio/mpeg
.m3a - MPEG-3 audio
.m3c - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m3d - Corel MOTION 3D Scene movie
.m3d - M3D chemical modeller input soubor
.m3i - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m3u - Highly compressed audio
.m3u - Mime: audio/mpegurl
.m3u - Mime: audio/x-mpegurl
.m3u - Mime: audio/x-mpequrl
.m3u - Mime: audio/x-scpls
.m3u - Mime: uadio/scpls
.m3u - Winamp playlist (Winamp) | www.winamp.com
.m3u8 - UTF-8 Winamp playlist (Winamp) | www.winamp.com
.m4 - M4 preprocessor soubor (unix)
.m4a - MPEG-4 compressed audio soubor
.m4c - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m4i - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.m4p - iTunes Music Store Audio soubor (iTunes) | www.apple.com/itunes/download/
.m4v - MPEG-4 video soubor format
.m68 - Turbo Pascal Dos soubor
.m7 - Farallon's MacRecorder format sampling rate 7k
.m8 - Grlib scry pcserv soubor
.m8 - Heretic II MipMap image format
.m?? - Ingres Modify Table/Index soubor (?? = Hex 00 to FF)
.ma - Ascii soubor Mathematica
.ma - hDC products for MicroApp executable soubors
.ma - Mime: application/mathematica
.ma - Mime: application/mathematica-old
.ma3 - Harvard Graphics 3.0 macro
.mab - Mozilla address book soubor (Firefox) | www.mozilla.com/firefox/
.mac - Borland TASM Macro
.mac - gener. MACro soubor
.mac - MacPaint bitmap image, black & white, PackBits
.mac - MS Access shortcut
.maca - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Mac Write 4.6/5
.maca - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacWrite 2.2
.maca - Soubor platformy MAC (MacWrite)
.maccs - MDL Maccs chemical modeller output soubor
.macdraw - MacDraw Format
.macmod - Macromodel chemical modeller input soubor
.macmol - Mac Molecule chemical modeller input soubor
.macmol - Mac Molecule chemical modeller output soubor
.macp - Apple Macintosh MacPaint bitmap image
.macs - Soubor platformy MAC (Mac System)
.macwrite - Macwrite pro text documents (Claris)
.mad - Ms Access Module Shortcut
.mae - Maestro soubor
.maf - Ms Access Form Shortcut
.mag - MAG graphics format (MPS Magro Paint System)
.mag - Magenta color separation. BLA (Black) CYA (Cyan), YEL (Yellow) Adobe Color Separation
.mag - MAGIchan graphics image format
.mag - Mime: application/vnd.ecowin.chart
.magic - Configuration soubor (Magic Mail Monitor)
.mag^ - Soubor platformy MAC (Analog)
.mah - Mahjongg Solitaire settings
.mai - Mail message (VAX)
.mai - MS Mail message
.mail - Soubor platformy MAC (Email File)
.mail - Mime: application/x-mailfolder
.main - Soubor platformy MAC (FileMaker Dictionary)
.maip - Soubor platformy MAC (Corel Prefs File)
.mak - make soubor, project soubor used by some programming languages like C etc, containing a list of comands for the compiler
.make - Makesoubor
.makefile - Makesoubor = how to compile different soubors
.maker - Mime: application/x-framemaker
.maketail - Sourcecontrol soubor
.mal - Webalizer.01 Lang soubor
.mam - Database Program MS Access Macro
.maml - Microsoft Assistance Markup Language
.man - MANual (textsoubor)/Unix
.man - Mime: application/x-troff-man
.man - XP definition soubor (see below)
.manifest - XP definition soubor (XML)
.manifest - Microsoft .NET Framework application manifest soubor
.manu - LOTUS manuskript, version 1.0 et 2.0
.manx - Manual soubor
.map - AccView network map
.map - Atlas MapMaker geographical map
.map - Card document of Route 66
.map - ColorMAP intensities and indices color palette
.map - Debug info used by some programming languages
.map - DIV Game Studio Map image format
.map - Duke Nukem 3D WAD game soubor
.map - Geography maps
.map - Linker map soubor
.map - MAPIMail
.map - Micrografx Picture Publisher format data
.map - Mime: application/x-navimap
.map - Mime: magnus-internal/imagemap
.mapimail - Sendto soubor
.maq - Database Query; MS Access Query
.mar - Assembly program (VAX Macro)
.mar - Mime: text/plain
.mar - MS Access Report Shortcut
.marm - Makesoubor for MARM platform (EPOC)
.mas - Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster soubor
.mask - cygwin tix4.1 bitmaps soubor
.mass - Mass 11 : Text document
.mat - MATlab sound
.mat - MS Access Table Shortcut
.math - Amaya soubor
.mathml - Mathematical Markup Language
.maud - Amiga MAUD sound soubors
.mav - MS Access View Shortcut
.maw - MS Access Data Access Page
.max - 3DStudio Scene
.max - Max language source code soubor
.max - Paperport
.max - Scene (3D Studio Max)
.maxd - Soubor platformy MAC (PaperPort Annotation)
.maxm - Soubor platformy MAC (Visioneer Paperport)
.maz - Data (dVS/dVISE)
.maz - Windows' Hover maze
.mb - Binary soubor (bitmaps etc.) (Mathematica)
.mb - Mime: application/mathematica
.mb - Mime: application/mathematica-old
.mb - Paradox memo field values for database
.mb1 - Apogee Monster Bash data soubor
.mbd - Mime: application/mbedlet
.mbf - Corel Visual DTD Document Type Definition for SGML
.mbfavs - Stardent AVS X bitmap image
.mbfs - Stardent AVS X bitmap image
.mbfx - AVS X image soubor
.mbg - MS Mail mailbag
.mbk - Atari
.mbk - dBASE IV multiple index soubor backup
.mbm - EPOC multi-bitmap soubor
.mbm - Mime: image/x-epoc-mbm
.mbm - Psion Series 5 image format
.mbox - Os-help mbox soubor
.mbox - Mail mailbox soubor
.mbp - Metabot Metatag Project soubor
.mbs - Micrografx Picture Publisher Brush Shape
.mbt - Metabot Metatag Options (setting soubors)
.mbv - Corel.visualDTD.7
.mbx - Database Index; dBase index
.mbx - MailBoX, used by many mail clients like Eudora or Outlook Express
.mc - Localized Message Table Resource (Windows)
.mc - M3CG intermediate language soubor (Modula-3)
.mc - Manual Chapter (NRC Inspection Manual)
.mc - MetaCard stack
.mc$ - Magic Xchange package (Magic Cap soubor archive)
.mc$ - Mime: application/x-magic-cap-package-1.0
.mc1 - data soubors written by MedCalc (statistical software). http://www.medcalc.be
.mc4d - 3d Graphic
.mc5 - Grafic Jpg Bcc soubor/microsoft C v5 related soubor
.mc6 - Microsoft C soubor/makesoubor
.mc8 - Mastercam V8 soubor format
.mc9 - Mastercam V9 soubor format
.mca - ModCA IOCA
.mcb - Grlib Ravekit soubor
.mcbn - Soubor platformy MAC (Excel 4 Chart)
.mcc - Dialer 10 Calling Card
.mcc - Mathcad configuration soubor
.mcc - Shortcut to The Microsoft Network
.mccl - Soubor platformy MAC (Emailer Connection File)
.mccv - Soubor platformy MAC (Adobe Filter)
.mcd - MathCaD soubor
.mcd - Mime: application/mcad
.mcd - Mime: application/vnd.mcd
.mcd - Mime: application/vnd.vectorworks
.mcd - Mime: application/x-mathcad
.mcf - Hotsauce graphics
.mcf - Mathcad font soubor
.mcf - Mime: image/vasa
.mcf - Mime: text/mcf
.mch - Macromedia (Xtra) Cache (soubor)
.mci - Command skript /driver(Media Control Interface)
.mcl - MultiEdit macro library
.mcl - Microsoft Media Center Application shortcut
.mcl - VectorWorks Template
.mcl - MUSHclient World Information soubor
.mcl - Multimedia Manager Collection soubor
.mcl - MCell Cellular Automaton soubor
.mcl - Macro Command Language
.mcm - Enable Macro
.mcm - Mime: chemical/x-macmolecule
.mcp - Capsule application skript
.mcp - Composed Media multimedia soubor (NetMC Player)
.mcp - Mathcad printer driver
.mcp - Mime: application/netmc
.mcr - Freemagic Source Imageanalysis soubor
.mcs - MathCAD image
.mct - Mime: application/x-mascot
.mct - Musicator (midi soubor with extended information)
.mcw - Text document (MacWrite II/MS Word for Macintosh)
.mcx - Mastercam X and X2 soubor format (Mastercam)
.mc_ - Midiprg Musicato compressed soubor
.md - Compressed soubor archive (MDCD)
.md03 - Soubor platformy MAC (Macromedia Director 8.5 (PC ext: DIR))
.md2 - QuakeII model soubor
.md3 - Quake III model
.md5 - Checksum soubor for .SHN audio
.md8 - Data base Cdrom Data soubor
.md93 - Soubor platformy MAC (Macromedia Director (PC ext: DIR))
.md93 - Director 4.0 Application (Creator Code, not soubor Type) (MAC)
.md95 - Soubor platformy MAC (Director)
.md95 - Director 5 Application Typ "APPL" Creator "MD95" (MAC)
.mda - Microsoft Access add-in
.mdb - Microsoft Access database
.mdb - Mime: application/msaccess
.mdb - Mime: application/x-msaccess
.mdb - MS soubor Viewer
.mdc - Image Minolta RD175
.mdct - Soubor platformy MAC (Dictionary)
.mde - Microsoft Access MDE Database
.mde - Microsoft Office soubor
.mde - Tonline database soubor
.mdev - Soubor platformy MAC (Network Extension)
.mdf - Menu Definition soubor
.mdf - Alcohol 120% Disc Image soubor (Alcohol 120%) | www.alcohol-soft.com
.mdi - MIDI zvuk
.mdi - Borland multiple document interface | www.borland.com
.mdi - Soubor programu Microsoft Office Imaging
.mdl - 3D Design Plus
.mdl - Digital Tracker music module (MOD) soubor
.mdl - Geometrical model (3D Design Plus)
.mdl - Half-Life Model image format
.mdl - Half-Life model/ Quake model soubor
.mdl - MDL MOLchemical modeller input soubor chemical modeller input soubor
.mdl - MDL Molchemical modeller output soubor chemical modeller output soubor
.mdl - Object design model (Rational Rose 98)
.mdl - Spreadsheet: CA-Compete!
.mdl - 3D GameStudio Model Entity
.mdm - Modem definition (TELIX)
.mdml - Markdown markup language
.mdn - Microsoft Access blank database template
.mdos - (MAC CREATOR CODE) DOS soubor copied by AFE or PC Exchange
.mdos - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDOS)
.mdp - old Project Workspace (MS Visual C++ MAK soubors and MS Visual J++)
.mdpf - Soubor platformy MAC (Modem Preferences File)
.mdpl - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacDraw II soubors
.mdpl - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacDraw II
.mdpl - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw II)
.mdr - Microdrive soubor (ZX Spectrum emulator)
.mdrw - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacDraw soubors
.mds - Directx Mid2stream soubor
.mds - Obraz disku, ISO image (Alcohol 120%) | www.alcohol-soft.com
.mdt - Data table (Ms ILink incremental linker)
.mdt - digital sheet music(RIFF) Players and Viewers at http://www.musicnotes.com/download/
.mdt - Microsoft Access Add-in Data
.mdv - Workgroup Information soubors (Microsoft Acces) | www.microsoft.com/access/
.mdw - MS Access Workgroup Information
.mdx - Borland Database Index
.mdx - Maintained dBASE database index
.mdx - MS Database Index
.mdz - Deskription of music module (Cubic Player/Cross-View)
.mdz - Mime: audio/x-mod
.mdz - Ms Access Database Wizard Template
.md_ - Visc15 Adressen Setup soubor
.me - Configuration (MultiEdit)
.me - Formatted manual page with me macros
.me - Mime: application/x-troff-me
.me - Text (READ.ME)
.me1 - Zortech 21 Sample Winexam soubor
.me2 - pixel image soubor
.meal - Exchange format for cooking recipes.
.meb - Macro Editor bottom overflow soubor (WordPerfect Library)
.mec - MECCA source (Maximus)
.med - Macro Editor delete save (WordPerfect Library) WP or Word
.med - Mime: application/x-att-a2bmusic-pu
.med - Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) soubor
.med - plain text
.med - Sound (Amiga MED/OctaMED Module)
.mem - Context4 soubor
.mem - Msdev Visual Foxpro 98 soubor
.men - Menu
.meq - Macro Editor print queue soubor (WordPerfect Library)
.mer - format for interchanging spreadsheet and database data
.mer - Macro Editor resident area (WordPerfect Library)
.mes - Macro Editor work space soubor (WordPerfect Library)
.mes - MESsage
.mes - Mime: application/x-att-a2bmusic
.mesa - Opengl glut-3.6 soubor
.mesh - 3d Graphic
.mesh - Mime: model/mesh
.met - Macro Editor top overflow soubor (WordPerfect Library)
.met - Omnipage Pro document
.met - OS/2 PM Meta soubor
.met - Windows Metasoubor image format
.metastocK - Metastock Data Format
.meu - Menu group (DOS Shell)
.mex - Dynamically linked subroutines (Macintosh) (Matlab)
.mex - Macro Editor expound soubor (WordPerfect Library)
.mex - MatLab
.mex4 - Dynamically linked subroutines (Sun-4/SPARC) (Matlab)
.mexds - Dynamically linked subroutines (DECStation) (Matlab)
.mexhp3 - Dynamically linked subroutines (HP9000/series 300) (Matlab)
.mexhp7 - Dynamically linked subroutines (HP9000/series 700) (Matlab)
.mexn - Dynamically linked subroutines (NeXT) (Matlab)
.mexrs6 - Dynamically linked subroutines (IBM RS/6000) (Matlab)
.mexsg - Dynamically linked subroutines (SGI) (Matlab)
.mez - RealArcade Game Information
.mf - FrameMaker Makersoubor
.mf - Metafont text soubor (TeX)
.mf2 - Mediator5 multimedia authorware soubor
.mfd - Monadic functions (ABC programming language)
.mfg - Manufacturing soubor (Pro/ENGINEER)
.mfi - Win98rk soubor
.mfj - MetaFont job (batch input)
.mfk - Memsoft database soubor from OS/2
.mfl - WINXP SYSTEM32 WBEM soubor
.mfm - Music format (DMP)
.mfm - picture format, viewer: mTropolis mPire Plugin/Viewer http://www.arch.columbia.edu/DDL/cad/AOI/S99/basics/internet/iNet-issues.html
.mft - Style soubor (MetaFont source formatter)
.mft - NTFS master soubor table soubor (Microsoft Windows)
.mfw - picture format, viewer: mTropolis mPire Plugin/Viewer http://www.arch.columbia.edu/DDL/cad/AOI/S99/basics/internet/iNet-issues.html
.mfx - picture format, viewer: mTropolis mPire Plugin/Viewer http://www.arch.columbia.edu/DDL/cad/AOI/S99/basics/internet/iNet-issues.html
.mg - Modula-3 generic module source
.mgc - MGCSoft Equation Editor soubor
.mgf - ASCII-based 3D rendering Materials and Geometry Format
.mgf - Micrografx font
.mgk - Imagemagick-5.3.2 coders soubor
.mgl - PMUSTAT DRIVERS soubor
.mgm - MGCSoft Equation Editor Macro soubor
.mgr - MGR bitmap image
.mgrs - Military Grid Reference System
.mgv - Sony PSP video soubor
.mgx - Micrografx Designer drawing (Clipart)
.mh - Graphic soubor
.mhg - Multimedia soubor
.mhp - Mailshift Internet mail document
.mht - Message HTML soubor
.mht - Mime: message/rfc822
.mhtm - MHTML (mime html-)document
.mhtml - MHTML document
.mhtml - Mime HTML soubor
.mhtml - Mime: message/rfc822
.mhtml - Same as MHT
.mi - Mime: application/x-mif
.mi - Miscellaneous
.mi - MM2 Input chemical modeller output soubor
.mi - HP CoCreate ME 10 documents
.mib - SNMP MIB soubor
.mic - Microsoft Image Composer data
.micro - Micro World chemical modeller input soubor
.micro - Micro World chemical modeller output soubor
.mid - MIDI-sequention sound (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
.mid - Mime: application/x-midi
.mid - Mime: audio/mid
.mid - Mime: audio/midi
.mid - Mime: audio/x-mid
.mid - Mime: audio/x-midi
.mid - Mime: music/crescendo
.mid - Mime: x-music/x-midi
.midd - audio /midi
.midi - Soubor platformy MAC (MIDI Music File)
.midi - MIDI-sequention sound (Musical Instrument Digital Interface)
.midi - Mime: application/x-midi
.midi - Mime: audio/midi
.midi - Mime: audio/x-mid
.midi - Mime: audio/x-midi
.midi - Mime: music/crescendo
.midi - Mime: x-music/x-midi
.mif - FrameMaker Interchange Format
.mif - Image Magick Image soubor Format
.mif - Midi Instrument soubor
.mif - Mime: application/vnd.mif
.mif - Mime: application/x-frame
.mif - Mime: application/x-mif
.mif - PC system component DMI attributes (Management Information Format)
.mif - Watcom Make skript
.miff - Image Magick Image soubor Format
.mii - Data; MicroStat-II
.mii - MicroStat-II datasoubor
.mil - Micro Illustrator Uncompressed image format
.mil - Mime: image/x-cals
.mil - Raster graphics (CALS Group IV Type 2)
.mim - MIME encoded soubor
.mime - Message in MIME format (RFC822)
.mime - Mime: message/rfc822
.mime - Mime: www/mime
.min - gen. minimum soubor
.mingw - (make-)soubor for Mingw
.mingw32 - Mingw compiler soubor
.mio - Iphoto4 Programs Fio soubor
.mio - Mime: audio/x-mio
.mipsel - Mips soubor
.mis - MISsion soubor (many games)
.mitsu - Bitmap image (Mitsubishi S340-10 color sublimation printer soubor)
.mix - image soubor
.mix - Ms Windows sound MIX
.mix - Power C object soubor
.mixn - Soubor platformy MAC (Apple Guide Addition)
.mjf - Audio soubor similar to MP3 (Mjuice)
.mjf - Mime: audio/x-vnd.AudioExplosion.MjuiceMediasoubor
.mjpg - Mime: video/x-motion-jpeg
.mjv - MJuice Voucher soubor
.mk - MaKesoubor
.mkd - drawing soubor mechanical CAD program Malz++Kassner www.malz-kassner.com
.mke - Ms Windows SDK MaKEsoubor
.mkg - Makesoubor
.mki - Japanese graphics MAKIchan format (MagView 0.5)
.mki - Picture; MagView
.mki - Picture; MediaKnife (another Internet Animation Picture)
.mkl - library soubor mechanical CAD program Malz++Kassner www.malz-kassner.com
.mkr - Tonline Bsw4 Internet soubor
.mks - TACT data
.mkw - Michael K. Weise compressed audio soubor, no loss of quality as occurs with .MP3, but they are larger
.ml - ML language source code soubor
.ml3 - Milestones 3.x project
.ml5 - Milestones 5.x Project
.ml5 - Mime: application/ml5
.mlb - FoxPro for Macintosh library
.mlb - Symphony macro library soubor
.mlf - Autodesk mapguide layer soubor
.mli - Autodesk 3D Studio material soubor
.mlid - Multiple link interface driver soubor(many)
.mlm - Saved email (Novell GroupWise using WP5.1 format)
.mls - Miles Sound Tools Compressed DLS
.mlts - Soubor platformy MAC (Modem Script)
.mm - Meme virtual reality world
.mm - Mime: application/base64
.mm - Mime: application/x-meme
.mm - MultiMate Advantage II text document
.mm2in - MM2 Input chemical modeller input soubor
.mm2out - MM2 Output chemical modeller input soubor
.mm3 - MM3 chemical modeller input soubor
.mm3 - MM3 chemical modeller output soubor
.mm4 - Windows word processing format
.mma - Grlib Cppima Scilimag soubor
.mmads - MMADS chemical modeller input soubor
.mmads - MMADS chemical modeller output soubor
.mman - Soubor platformy MAC (Claris Emailer)
.mmb - MultiMedia Builder
.mmc - Dllbackup microsoft Clipart autoshape soubor
.mmch - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Compiled Hdr)
.mmd - Mime: chemical/x-macromodel
.mmd - Mime: chemical/x-macromodel-input
.mmd - Modular Sound soubor
.mmdr - Soubor platformy MAC (Director)
.mme - Mime encoded
.mme - Mime: application/base64
.mmf - MS Mail Message
.mmfm - Multimate Note
.mmg - Beyond 20/20 table or aggregate data soubor
.mmh - MS Media Manager Helper DLL
.mmib - Soubor platformy MAC (Emailer Inbox Setting)
.mml - FrameMaker
.mmm - Font; Adobe Type Manager multiple-master metrics
.mmm - MultiMedia Movie format (RIFF RMMP) (MacroMind Director 3.x)
.mmo - Document; Rapidsoubor memo
.mmob - Soubor platformy MAC (Emailer Outbox Setting)
.mmod - MacroModel Molecular Mechanics
.mmod - Mime: chemical/x-macromodel-input
.mmp - makmake makesoubor project (EPOC)
.mmp - Movie Clip; Multimedia Player
.mmp - MS Music Producer
.mmp - Output video format from Bravado board
.mmpf - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Prefs File)
.mmpr - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior 2 Project)
.mmpr - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Project)
.mmr - Mime: image/vnd.fujixerox.edmics-mmr
.mms - Jpeg jpeg-6b soubor
.mmw - Multimedia World magazine
.mmx - Instructionset of mmx-compatible processors
.mmz - MusicMatch Theme soubor
.mn2 - Descent2 Mission soubor
.mn3 - Descent3 Mission soubor
.mn4 - Microsoft Money Database (older version)
.mnd - MNI Mandelbrot for Windows
.mnd - Cerious MaNDelbrot image
.mnd - Menu source (AutoCAD Menu Compiler)
.mnf - Saved MSN Search
.mng - Map (DeLorme Map'n'Go)
.mng - Mime: video/x-mng
.mng - MNG Animation
.mng - Multiple-image Network Graphics bitmap image
.mni - Mandelbrot for Windows
.mni - Cerious MaNDelbrot image
.mnl - Zortech 3 bin soubor
.mnm - 3d Objet of Midnight Modeler
.mno - Macromedia Dreamweaver configuration commands, _notes soubor (Macromedia Dreamweaver) | www.macromedia.com/
.mnr - "IBM Voice Type" languages Newuser soubor
.mnt - Additional (FPT) menu deskription soubor (FoxPro)
.mnu - AutoCAD Menu
.mnu - DOS mouse MeNU
.mnu - FoxPro Menu
.mnu - HP NewWave advanced macro
.mnw - Menu soubor (various)
.mnx - AutoCAD Compiled Menu
.mnx - Main (DBF) menu deskription soubor (FoxPro)
.mny - Microsoft Money
.mny - Mime: application/x-msmoney
.mny - Ms Money account book
.mo - MM2 Ouput chemical modeller output soubor
.mo - Modula-3 object soubor
.mob - Device definition (PEN Windows)
.moc - Mime: application/x-mocha
.moc - MOCHA Java skript/internet
.mocha - Javaskript
.mocha - Mime: application/x-mocha
.mocha - Same as MOC
.mod - Clarion Modula-2 language source code soubor
.mod - Digital music sound clip; ( IT, XM/Music) (Amiga MODule format)
.mod - soubor implementing DOS support for Windows DLL's
.mod - Instrument for DMP
.mod - Instrument for Fastracker
.mod - Instrument for MDP
.mod - Instrument for Protracker
.mod - Instrument for ST
.mod - Instrument for Startrekker Module
.mod - Mime: audio/mod
.mod - Mime: audio/x-mod
.mod - MODel definitions (EPOC)
.mod - Modula-2 programming language source code
.mod - Module
.mod - Spreadsheet; Microsoft Multiplan
.modb - Soubor platformy MAC (CompuServe Modem Database)
.modd - audio modul
.model - Catia soubor
.modm - Soubor platformy MAC (Modem Definition File)
.modm - Soubor platformy MAC (Modem File)
.mof - Microsoft Msinfo soubor
.mof - Mime: application/x-yumekara
.moi - French textsoubor
.mol - MDL Molsoubor
.mol - Mime: chemical/x-mdl-molsoubor
.mol - Mime: chemical/x-mdl-molsoubor
.mol - Sybyl Mol chemical modeller input soubor
.mol - Sybyl Mol chemical modeller output soubor
.mol2 - Sybyl Mol2 chemical modeller input soubor
.mol2 - Sybyl Mol2 chemical modeller output soubor
.molen - MOLIN chemical modeller input soubor
.mom - Data base Cdrom Runtime soubor
.mon - MONitor deskription (ReadMail)
.moo - MoonRock language source code soubor
.moo - Movie Clip; Apple QuickTime; same as MOV
.moov - Soubor platformy MAC (QuickTime file)
.moov - Soubor platformy MAC (QuickTime movie files (PC ext: MOV))
.moov - Soubor platformy MAC (QuickTime Movien Filebmov)
.moov - Mime: video/quicktime
.moov - QTVR panorama
.moov - Quicktime movie
.moov - Same as MOV
.mop - M.Fujimiya's MOrPher for Windows 1.4 work soubor
.mop - Mime: chemical/x-mopac-input
.mopcrt - Mopac Cartesian chemical modeller input soubor
.mopint - Mopac Internal chemical modeller input soubor
.mopout - Mopac Output chemical modeller input soubor
.mor - Corel Shared Writing Tools 9.0 soubor
.morg - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Org Cha)
.mos - System Dos62 soubor
.moss - (MAC CREATOR CODE) HTML for Netscape Navigator (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM)
.moss - Creator code Netscape Navigator 3.0 (MAC)
.motif - Microangelo Motif
.mov - Apple QuickTime MOVie, standard Macintosh video format
.mov - AutoCAD AutoFlix MOVie
.mov - Mime: video/quicktime
.movie - Mime: video/x-sgi-movie
.movie - Same as MOV
.movr - Soubor platformy MAC (Desk Accessory)
.moz - Netscape temporary cache soubor
.mp - Movie (MPEG compressed)
.mp - MultiPlan
.mp0 - MPEG2 soubor
.mp1 - MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I
.mp2 - Mime: audio/mpeg
.mp2 - Mime: audio/x-mpeg
.mp2 - Mime: video/mpeg
.mp2 - Mime: video/x-mpeg
.mp2 - Mime: video/x-mpeg2a
.mp2 - Mime: video/x-mpeq2a
.mp2 - Moving Pictures Experts Group
.mp2 - Sound (MPEG-1 Layer II Audio Stream)
.mp2a - Mime: audio/x-mpeg2
.mp2v - Mime: video/x-mpeg2
.mp2v - Moving Pictures Experts Group
.mp3 - Mime: audio/mp3
.mp3 - Mime: audio/mpeg
.mp3 - Mime: audio/mpeg3
.mp3 - Mime: audio/mpg
.mp3 - Mime: audio/x-mpeg
.mp3 - Mime: audio/x-mpeg-3
.mp3 - Mime: video/mpeg
.mp3 - Mime: video/x-mpeg
.mp3 - MPEG-1 Layer III Audio Stream
.mp3url - Mime: audio/x-mpegurl
.mp3_ - Soubor platformy MAC (MP3 Music File)
.mp3_ - Soubor platformy MAC (MP3 Music FileProjectemp3)
.mp4 - MPEG-4 soubor format
.mpa - Mime: audio/mpeg
.mpa - Mime: video/mpeg
.mpa - MPEG-1 sound, PCM digitized, high compression
.mpa2 - Mime: audio/x-mpeg2
.mpc - Mime: application/x-project
.mpc - Ms Project Calendar soubor
.mpc - Audio soubor (MusePack) | www.musepack.net
.mpcc - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MetroWerks MPCC.text
.mpcl - Media Player Classic's playlist soubor (Media Player Classic) | sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli
.mpd - Device Driver; Windows Mini-port driver
.mpd - Mime: application/vnd.ms-project
.mpd - Monadic predicates (ABC programming language)
.mpe - Mime: video/mpeg
.mpe - MPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
.mpeg - Soubor platformy MAC (MPEG movie file (MPEG1 coding))
.mpeg - Mime: video/mpeg
.mpeg - MPEG movie (Motion Pictures Experts Group)
.mpega - MPEG Sound
.mpf - Mime: text/vnd-mediapackage
.mpf - Mime: text/vnd.ms-mediapackage
.mpg - Mime: audio/mpeg
.mpg - Mime: video/mpeg
.mpg - MPEG 1 image format
.mpg - Saltlake city game Movies soubor
.mpg - MPEG 1 video (Any multimedia player)
.mpg3 - Soubor platformy MAC (MP3 Music)
.mpga - Mpeg-1 Layer3 Audio Stream
.mpga - Mime: audio/mpeg
.mpgp - Soubor platformy MAC (MacPGP)
.mph - Photoline4 Morphing soubor
.mpi - Links98 golf game soubor
.mpj - Med prosoubor_skeleton soubor
.mplf - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Library)
.mpm - WP MathPlan Macro
.mpnt - Mac Paint image format
.mpo - Sheffield dictionary soubor
.mpp - Dokument programu Microsoft Project (Microsoft Project) | www.microsoft.com/
.mpp - Mime: application/vnd.ms-project
.mpp - Zortech 3 readme soubor
.mpp2 - mpeg 2 video header information
.mpp_ - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Project)
.mpq - Blizzard Game Data soubor
.mpr - Visual Foxpro98 Solution Menus soubor
.mprn - Soubor platformy MAC (Corel Artisan)
.mps - Mime: application/x-mapserver
.mps - Mime: video/x-mpeg-system
.mps - MPEG-1 Audio a Video soubor
.mps - Mime: video/mpeg
.mps - Mime: video/mpeg2
.mps - Mime: video/x-mpeg
.mps - Mime: video/x-mpeg-system
.mps - Casio PDL Pocket Streets Map
.mps - Garmin Mapsource GPS Mapping Interface | www.garmin.com/cartography/mapSource/
.mps - Soubor hry, uloľená pozice (Max Payne) | www.rockstargames.com/maxpayne/
.mps - Multimediální soubor
.mps - MySweetNix! soubor | www.aalaap.com/mysweetnix.php
.mps - Pocket Streets Map soubor (Microsoft Pocket Streets Map) | www.microsoft.com/
.mpsy - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Debug Symb)
.mps_ - Soubor platformy MAC (MPW Shell)
.mpt - Šablona projektu (Microsoft Project) | www.microsoft.com/
.mpt - Mime: application/vnd.ms-project
.mpt - Mime: application/x-project
.mpv - Mime: application/x-project
.mpv - Mime: video/mpeg
.mpv - MS Project View
.mpv2 - MPEG video
.mpv2 - Mime: video/mpeg
.mpv2 - Mime: video/x-mpeg2
.mpw - Oc2.316s cakit soubor
.mpwd - Soubor platformy MAC (MacWrite Pro 1.5 file)
.mpwr - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacWrite Pro
.mpx - Foxpro Compiler Menu
.mpx - Mime: application/x-project
.mpy - Mime: application/vnd.ibm.MiniPay
.mrb - Multiple Resolution Bitmap Graphic
.mrc - Bibliographic data (Machine-Readable Cataloging records)
.mrc - Mime: application/marc
.mrf - Macintosh Font; Font (vector /tbv)
.mrf - Marks Russel soubor image format
.mrg - often merge(text/word etc..)
.mri - MRI Scan
.mrk - CSI MaRKup soubor (CAD format)
.mrk - Windows 95 user benchmark
.mrl - 4bit CMYK Mimaki MRL-1 soubor for plotter : Bitmap graphics
.mrl - Mime: text/x-mrml
.mrs - WordPerfect Macro ReSource
.mrsid - Lizardtech format for imageviewing.
.mrw - Minolta Diamage Raw Image soubor
.ms - Formatted manual page with ms macros
.ms - Maple worksheet
.ms - Mime: application/x-troff-ms
.ms - Modula-3 intermediate assembly soubor
.ms-tnef - Microsofts attachment format for applications
.msa - Magic Shadow Archive
.msc - Microsoft Common Console Document
.msc - Ms C makesoubor
.mscg - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Clip Gallery)
.mscg - Soubor platformy MAC (MS Clip Art Gallery)
.msd - DINFO soubor
.msdev - (make-)soubor for Msvc
.msdl - Manchester Scene Deskription Language, 3D rendering/tbv
.mse - Bwsb120a Demo soubor
.msf - Mime: application/vnd.epson.msf
.msf - Quanta MSF chemical modeller input soubor
.msg - Document; Microsoft Exchange mail document
.msg - FoxDoc message (FoxPro)
.msg - MeSsaGe text
.msg5 - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Graph 5)
.msgr - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Grammer File)
.msgr - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Graph 5)
.msh - Mash/Microsoft Agent Script Helper
.msh - Mime: model/mesh
.msh1 - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Help)
.msh2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Help)
.mshe - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Help)
.msi - Instalační soubor (Windows Installer) | msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/msi/setup/windows_installer_start_page.asp
.msie - (MAC CREATOR CODE) HTML for Internet Explorer (see A Web Site on a CD for more explanations) (PC ext: HTM)
.msif - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Info File)
.msif - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft System Info)
.msil - Microsoft Intermediate Language
.msk - Autodesk Animator Mask Format
.msk - NimbleGen Mask
.msk - PaintShopPro Mask image format
.msl - Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.MSL
.msm - Audio Utility Midism compressed soubor
.msm - Mime: model/vnd.gdl
.msm - Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
.msm - Modul (Windows Installer) | msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/msi/setup/windows_installer_start_page.asp
.msmt - Soubor platformy MAC (Equation Editor)
.msn - Microsoft Network home base ; MSN Central
.msnm - Soubor platformy MAC (Internet Mail & News)
.mso - Microsoft Orgchart soubor
.msof - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Office)
.msp - Bitmap Picture; MS Paint
.msp - Windows Installer Patch
.mspj - Soubor platformy MAC (MS Project)
.msq - Midi soubor
.msrcinciDENT - MsRcIncident, open with: HelpCtr.exe
.mss - Manuskript text soubor (Perfect Writer/Scribble/MINCE/Jove)
.mss - Mime: audio/mss
.msstyles - WIN Resources Themes Luna soubor
.mst - Corel Presentation Master (Presentation Document)
.mst - Minispecification soubor (Prosa)
.mst - Ms Test document
.mst - Ms Windows SDK setup skript
.mst - Visual Test Source soubor
.mst - Windows Installer Transform (Windows Installer)
.mstf - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Thesaurus)
.msth - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Thesaurus)
.msv - Mime: application/x-mystars-view
.msv - Memory Stick compressed voice soubors
.msvc - (make-)soubor for Msvc
.msw - Document Microsoft Word
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) RTF produced by Microsoft Word (PC ext: RTF)
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Microsoft Word 6 (PC ext: DOC)
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Microsoft Word 3/4/5 for the Mac
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Microsoft Word 8 (98) (PC ext: DOC)
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Word 3/4/5 Macintosh (PC ext: DOC)
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Word MSWD text
.mswd - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Word Template (PC ext: DOT)
.mswd - Soubor platformy MAC (MS Word)
.mswk - Soubor platformy MAC (MS Works)
.mswmm - Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Project (Part of WinME & XP)
.msx - CP/M Archive/outdated
.msx - Image format
.ms_ - Winhelp soubor (compressed)
.mt - MetaTalk skript
.mtf - Mathe vektor Mtf soubor
.mth - Derive MaTH soubor
.mti - Midiprg Musitron Musili.zit compressed soubor
.mtk - Matrikon Software License soubor
.mtl - Wavefront
.mtm - MultiTracker music module (MOD) soubor
.mtr - Master Tracker Module format
.mts - Encore Samples soubor
.mts - Mime: application/metastream
.mts - Mime: model/vnd.mts
.mtv - MTV Raytracing image format
.mtv2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Apple Video Player)
.mtv2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Apple Video Player Prefs)
.mtw - Minitab data soubor
.mtx - Temp soubor (documents and settings)
.mt_ - Midiprg Encore compressed soubor
.mu - Quattro pro for DOS MenU definition
.muf - ProtoMuck Multi User Forth Program
.mui - Opengl Glut-3.6 soubor
.mul - Ultima Online Game
.mup - mkproto soubor
.mur - 3d Graphic
.mur - Atari image format
.mus - Mime: application/vnd.musician
.mus - Music soubor format
.mus - Sound soubor (MusicTime/Doom)
.mus - SCORE Music publishing system music notation (The SCORE Music Publishing System) | www.scoremus.com/score.html
.mus10 - Audio (Mus10)
.muz - MIDI (used by Windows' Hover game)
.mv - Mime: video/x-sgi-movie
.mv85 - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Macromedia Director 8.5 (PC ext: DIR)
.mv85 - Soubor platformy MAC (Director 8.5)
.mv93 - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Macromedia Director (PC ext: DIR)
.mv93 - Soubor platformy MAC (Director 5)
.mv93 - MV93 - Director 4.0 DIR movie soubors(MAC)
.mv95 - Director 5 DIR movie soubors Type"MV95" Creator "MD95"(MAC)
.mva - Archive; Used by MS some setup programs
.mvb - Microsoft Media Viewer document; display with MVIEWER.EXE or MVIEWER2.EXE.
.mvc - Image soubor (Sony Digital Mavica)
.mve - Fanta Vision Movie
.mvf - Stop frame soubor (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
.mvg - Image Magick proprietary vector graphics format
.mvi - Movie command soubor (AutoCAD AutoFlix)
.mvp - MediaView Project
.mvr - MAVROS mavcod input soubor
.mvw - Saber LAN log soubor
.mw - MacWrite II text document
.mw2d - Soubor platformy MAC (MacWrite II Document)
.mw2s - Soubor platformy MAC (MacWrite II model)
.mwc - Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
.mwdb - Soubor platformy MAC (MWDebug)
.mwdp - Soubor platformy MAC (CodeWarrior Debugger)
.mwf - ProMotion animation
.mwii - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Mac Write II
.mwii - MacWrite II text document
.mwp - Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster soubor
.mwp - SmartMaster (Lotus Word Pro)
.mwpd - Soubor platformy MAC (MacWrite Pro Document)
.mwpp - Soubor platformy MAC (MacWrite Pro Document)
.mwpr - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacWrite Pro MWPR.text
.mws - Mapleconvert Documentation English soubor
.mwzr - Soubor platformy MAC (MW ZoneRanger)
.mw_ - Audio Utility Midimach compressed soubor
.mx - Matlab common matrix routines
.mx - Modula-3 linker information
.mx3 - Dynamically linked subroutines (Ms Windows) (Matlab)
.mx3 - encoded MP3 soubor format
.mxc - ArcView geocoding index for read-write coverages (ODB format)
.mxd - ArcInfo Map soubor
.mxe - Corel Quatro Pro startup macro (executed when a spreadsheet is opened)
.mxi - Macromedia Dreamweaver Extension Manager soubor
.mxl - PackRat 5.0 support soubor
.mxm - MathConnex Module
.mxp - Macromedia.Extension.Package open with: Macromedia Extension Manager.exe
.mxq - soubor created by Trojan-worm (check with Anti-Virus tester!)
.mxs - ArcView geocoding index for read-write shapesoubors (ODB format)
.mxs - Mime: application/vnd.triscape.mxs
.mxt - MS Programmer's WorkBench Add-In
.my - Mime: audio/make
.MYD - MySQL database data soubor (MySQL) | www.mysql.de
.myd - Database diagram soubor (EMS Mysql Manager, EMS SQL Manager fo Mysql) | sqlmanager.net/products/mysql/manager/
.mydocs - Sendto soubor
.MYI - MySQL database data soubor (MySQL database engine) | www.mysql.de
.myob - Soubor platformy MAC (M.Y.O.B.)
.myp - Presentation (MM Make Your Point)
.mys - Myst Saved Game
.mz - Midiprg Mozart compressed soubor
.mzt - MOZART Template soubor
.mzz - Mime: application/x-vnd - AudioExplosion.mzz
.m_u - Backup of boot sector FAT and boot dir (MazeGold)