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.d - ChemDraw Conn. Table chemical modeller output soubor
.d00 - Adlib player sound
.d00 - Blaster Master Pro soubor
.d00 - Edlib Tracker mod compressed
.d01 - Tonline Db soubor
.d02 - Tonline Db soubor
.d03 - Tonline Db soubor
.d15 - Beat Master 62 soubor
.d2ct - Soubor platformy MAC (Disinfectant)
.d2d - 3-D Fassade Plus : 2D/3D object soubor
.d30 - driver
.d32 - Lotus visualisation soubor
.d3d - CorelDream 3D soubor
.d64 - Commodore emulator soubor of a VC-1541/CBM-2031/3040/4040 diskette
.d67 - Commodore emulator soubor of a CBM-2040 diskette
.d71 - Commodore emulator soubor of a VC-1571 diskette
.d80 - Commodore emulator soubor of a CBM-8050 diskette
.d81 - Commodroe emulator soubor of a VC-1581 diskette
.d82 - Commodore emulator soubor of a CBM-8250 diskette
.d8a - AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
.da! - Dinfo Data soubor
.da$ - MS compressed DAT use UNPACK.EXE
.da0 - Windows registry backup
.da1 - registry backup
.da5 - Green line soubor
.daa - Archív programu PowerISO - Direct-Acces-Archive (PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive) | www.poweriso.com/
.dac - byte reversed ADC soubor : Sound (TI/MIT DAC format)
.dac - PCIhandler soubor (image)
.dac - Sound (TI/MIT DAC format) (byte reversed ADC soubor)
.dad - Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
.dad2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Canvas)
.dae - Collada soubor (COLLADA) | www.khronos.org/collada/
.daf - Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.DAF
.daf - Mobius : Document archive
.dak - data bakup soubor
.dan - Winphone address book
.dao - IsoBuster soubor
.dap - MS Access Data Access Page
.dap - Omnis5 Application soubor
.dar - DAR archív (DISK ARCHIVE)
.das - PackRat Index
.dat - Antivirus data
.dat - BLUEWAVE soubor
.dat - Btrieve Database
.dat - Digital Audio Tape
.dat - Extension used for some MPEG soubors
.dat - gen. DATasoubor can be text as well as binary data
.dat - Internet Explorer Cache
.dat - MapInfo native data format
.dat - May be a propriatary format
.dat - Microsoft Exchange Server : Error message in inbound internet email message
.dat - Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
.dat - MS Word for DOS soubor
.dat - Novell Message soubor
.dat - Programming
.dat - SPOT image format
.dat - Terrasoft dataset definition soubor
.dat - Video CD MPEG movie MPEG1
.dat - VMS Data soubor
.dat - Word for DOS
.dat - WordPerfect : Merge data
.dat - WordPerfect Merge Data
.dat - Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/soubor Format
.data - Soubor platformy MAC (Data File)
.data - Font2d resources soubor
.day - journal
.da_ - GKSetup support soubor
.db - ANSYS Database
.db - ArcView : Object Database soubor (also ODB)
.db - Borderland's Paradox 7 table database
.db - Configuration (dBASE IV - dBFast)
.db - data by dbVista
.db - data by Paradox
.db - data by Smartware
.db - data by Synopsys Design Compiler,
.db - data by XTreeGold
.db - MSWorks
.db - MultiEdit : Configuration
.db - Netscape Cache FAT.DB
.db - Progress Database
.db - Solid Database
.db - WindowsXP Thumbnail Database
.db$ - dBASE : Temporary soubor
.db$ - Temporary debug info (Clarion Modula-2)
.db0 - dBASE init soubor
.db1 - Adressmn soubor
.db2 - dBASE II : Database
.db2 - dBfast soubor
.db3 - dBASE III : Database
.db3 - Dr Brain 3
.db4 - Dbase 4 data
.dba - PalmTM Desktop 3.0 organisator for Windows
.dba - Turbo Prolog - DataEase : Database
.dba - Dark Basic Source Code
.dbat - Soubor platformy MAC (Quicken Document)
.dbb - ANSYS Database Backup
.dbb - DeBabelizer : BatchList
.dbc - MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
.dbc - OrCAD Capture CIS Database Conf.
.dbd - Business Insight business data
.dbd - Clarion Modula-2 debug information
.dbd - DemoShield Player
.dbd - Psion soubor
.dbe - Database Engine soubor
.dbf - ArcView : Shapesoubor attribute table soubor
.dbf - CLIPPER database
.dbf - data base soubor for Arago
.dbf - data base soubor for Clipper
.dbf - data base soubor for DataBoss
.dbf - data base soubor for dBFast
.dbf - data base soubor for FoxPro
.dbf - data base soubor for Wordtech
.dbf - data base soubor for xBase
.dbf - Database (many programs, orig. only dBASE)
.dbf - dBASE Act!
.dbf - dBASE III/IV
.dbf - Enable database : can be opened with Excel 97
.dbf - MS Query database soubor
.dbf - Oracle 8.x Tablespace soubor
.dbg - Debugger skript Watcom debugger
.dbg - DOS debug - Watcom debuger : Debugger skript
.dbg - MS Visual C++ CodeView COFF-format Debugger information
.dbg - Paradox soubor
.dbg - PFE soubor
.dbgr - Soubor platformy MAC (Debugger)
.dbi - Fifa World Cup game data comin fe soubor
.dbk - dBase Database Backup
.dbk - Orcad Schematic Capture Backup soubor
.dbl - LineWriter soubor
.dbl - WindowsXP Product Activation soubor (if on WPA.DBL in the System32 folder)
.dbm - Cold Fusion Template
.dbm - DataBoss Menu template
.dbm - DataEase datasoubor
.dbmc - Soubor platformy MAC (Netscape Cache Log)
.dbmg - Soubor platformy MAC (Netscape History)
.dbnw - Soubor platformy MAC (Netscape News File)
.dbnx - Soubor platformy MAC (Netscape Hosts Fil)
.dbo - dBase IV Compiled Program soubor
.dbo - Dark Basic Source Code
.dbp - Msdev Common Ide Templates Database Projects soubor
.dbq - Paradox memo
.dbq - QuickLink database
.dbr - Golf Courses soubor
.dbs - Database; Structured Query Language (SQL)
.dbs - Datasoubor (PRODAS)
.dbs - DeBabelizer : Script
.dbs - Managing Your Money database
.dbs - Microsoft Word - Works : Printer deskription soubor
.dbs - ProDas - SQL Windows : Datasoubor
.dbs - Script (DeBabelizer)
.dbse - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Image database of Extensis' Portfolio (PC ext: FDB)
.dbse - Soubor platformy MAC (Image database of Extensis' Portfolio)
.dbt - Clipper database text
.dbt - Database Text soubor (org. dBASE)
.dbt - dBFast memo text for database
.dbt - FoxPro : Foxbase+ style memo
.dbv - Flexsoubor 2 : Memo field soubor
.dbw - Microsoft Windows 9.x Database soubor (DataBoss)
.dbx - DATABEAM bitmap image
.dbx - Formula Graphics project
.dbx - ICE Cache Explorer Data soubors
.dbx - MS Visual Foxpro Table
.dbx - Outlook Express 5 soubor
.db_ - Cad soubor
.dc - DesignCAD CAD soubor
.dc - Spice : DC outout
.dc$ - Ntgraph Visual c wizzard soubor
.dc2 - DesignCAD CAD soubor
.dc2 - Kodak DC25 Digital Camera soubor
.dc5 - DataCAD Drawing soubor
.dca - IBM DisplayWrite : Document Content Architecture text soubor
.dca - MS Active Designer cache
.dca - Visual Basic : Active Designer Cache
.dcb - Concordance Database Control Block
.dcc - WordExpress2.0 dictionary soubor
.dcd - Document Content Deskription (XML)
.dcd - FORTRAN Data soubor
.dcd - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Object Code
.dcdc - Soubor platformy MAC (Astound Presentation)
.dce - drivecam soubor extension. www.drivecam.com for any info pertaining to it
.dcf - "Device Configuration soubor" for CANopen
.dcf - Data soubor : Dyadic
.dcf - Design Rule for Camera soubor Systems soubor
.dcf - Disk Image soubor
.dcf - DynSite Configuration soubor
.dcf - HP-95 Comm program settings
.dcf - WordExpress2.0 dictionary
.dcg - Digocat Data soubor read by Digocat.exe (Digital Offline Catalog, Reader)
.dci - HTML (AOLmail)
.dcim - image and data : Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
.dck - ZX SPECTRUM emulation soubor
.dcl - Borland Delphi : Delphi Component Library
.dcl - DumpSec
.dcm - DICOM: Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine image soubor format : Bitmap graphics
.dcm - Mime: x-lml/x-evm
.dcm - Sound
.dcol - Soubor platformy MAC (Claris Color File)
.dcp - ArcView : default codepage soubor
.dcp - Delphi Compiled Packages
.dcp - OS/2 Data CodePage
.dcp - Terminal Program; DynaComm Script
.dcpy - Soubor platformy MAC (Disk Copy)
.dcr - Delphi Component Resource (binary resource)
.dcr - Mime: application/x-director
.dcr - RIF Picture
.dcr - Shockwave - Macromedia Director : Data
.dcr - Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format
.dcs - 2d Graphic
.dcs - ACT! Activity Data soubor
.dcs - Bitmap graphics (CYMK format) (QuarkXPress)
.dcs - Color separated EPS format
.dcs - Desktop Color Separation soubor
.dcs - Kodak Professional Digital Camera
.dcs - Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification 2.0 (image EPS) (QuarkXPress)+B798
.dct - ArcView : geocoding dictionary soubor
.dct - Clarion - Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony : Spell checking dictionary
.dct - GIS and many others dictionary
.dct - Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container Memo soubor
.dct - MS Visual Foxpro Database Container
.dct5 - Soubor platformy MAC (MS-Word dictionnary)
.dcu - Delphi Compiled Unit
.dcx - FAX Image
.dcx - Image Zsoft PC Publisher's Paintbrush(multi-pcx soubor)
.dcx - Macro soubor
.dcx - Mime: image/x-dcx
.dcx - MS Visual Foxpro Database Container (DBC) Index soubor
.dc~ - Ntgraph Visual c wizzard soubor
.dd - Compressed Archive soubor Macintosh : DISKDOUBLER
.dd - Image Doodle (C64)
.dda - Import soubor format used with TNTmips
.ddap - (MAC CREATOR CODE) soubor compressed by Disk Doubler ??
.ddap - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Disk Doubler
.ddap - Soubor platformy MAC (DiskDoubler)
.ddb - Bitmap Graphics soubor
.ddb - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Debugging Info
.ddd - Adobe Acrobat Distiller
.ddd - BullsEye (text, style sheet)
.ddd - Fuji Xerox : 2D CAD data
.ddd - Mime: application/vnd.fujixerox.ddd
.dde - binary : Dynamic Data Exchange
.dde - Dynamic Data Exchange
.dde - TIMTEL soubor
.ddf - Bitstream Fontware soubor
.ddf - Btrieve or Xtrieve Data Definition soubor metadata
.ddf - Music Library soubor
.ddf - Spatial Data Transfer Standard and GRASS formats (TNTmips)
.ddfl - Soubor platformy MAC (Disk Doubler data file)
.ddfl - Soubor platformy MAC (File compressed by Disk Doubler ??)
.ddi - DiskDupe disk image
.ddif - Digital Equipment /Compaq (images and word processing documents)
.ddl - Data Definition Language : SQL soubor
.ddo - Tank3d game soubor
.ddoc - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw Pro (PC ext: MDP))
.ddoc - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw Pro file)
.ddoc - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw Pro Drawing)
.ddp - Borland Delphi Diagramm page from compiler
.ddp - OS/2 Device Driver Prosoubor soubor
.ddrw - Soubor platformy MAC (Claris Draw)
.ddrw - Soubor platformy MAC (Claris Draw File)
.ddrw - Soubor platformy MAC (ClarisDraw Drawing)
.dds - Direct Draw Surface,3-d texture soubor,when compressed Directx Texture Compression(DXTC1-5=S3TC)
.dds - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Deskriptor
.ddt - Jill game soubor
.ddv - Xbase Dbfast example Ivadbsp soubor
.de - Win Ace 204 soubor
.de$ - Modem Bitware Fax disk2 soubor
.deb - Debian Linux Package
.deb - Debug skript of DOS Debug
.debiaN - Debian (make-)soubor
.dec - ArcView : UNIX hyperhelp supporting soubor
.dec - DEC DX, WPS Plus : Document
.dec - Decoded soubor
.deck - Soubor platformy MAC (MS Query Cue Card Fil)
.deepv - Mime: application/x-deepv
.def - (Vis)C++ Definition
.def - 3D Fassade Plus Define Module soubor
.def - Anisprite soubor
.def - Defaults - definitions
.def - Geoworks : Assembly header soubor
.def - Mime: text/plain
.def - module definition soubor (config)
.def - SGML Tag Definition
.def - SmartWare II data
.def - TLink - WLink... : Linker definition soubor
.defauLT - gen. Defaults - definitions
.defauLT - System Volume Information SNAPSHOT soubor
.defi - Oracle 7 : De-install skript
.defn - Soubor platformy MAC (Microsoft Dictionary)
.dei - Design Engineered Interface (GSI Gerber Systems Inc.)
.del - pctracker undelete tracking soubor
.del - ST: CONTROL.DEL - list of data
.dem - 3d Graphic
.dem - Descent Demonstration
.dem - Graphics soubor (Vista Pro)
.dem - Quake/Hexen II .DEM soubor format
.dem - USGS US Geological Survey National Mapping Division Topo30 3d-soubor
.demo - Demo
.dep - generally dependancy soubor
.dep - Visual Basic Setup Wizard : Dependency soubor
.der - Internet Security Certificate
.der - Internet security certificate
.der - Mime: application/pkix-cert
.der - Mime: application/x-x509-ca-cert
.des - Delphi deskription soubor
.des - deskription
.des - soubor Investigator deskription soubor
.desc - Deskription
.desklINK - Desk Link
.det - Dart soubor
.deu - acronym for Deutsch (german)
.dev - Device Driver
.dev - Device Independent TeX
.dev - LaTeX soubor
.devel - Developper soubor
.dewf - gen. Sound
.dewf - Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit : recorded Instrument
.dex - Excel soubor
.dexe - Soubor platformy MAC (Virtual PC Executable)
.dez - Data Ease version 4.x
.dez - DES Encryption : Encrypted zip soubor
.de_ - Game: doko inst soubor
.df - Data soubor
.df - Lightscape Parameters
.df - NCSA : Bitmap graphics (Hierarchical Data soubor)
.df$ - Ntgraph Visual c wizzard soubor
.df1 - Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database soubor
.df2 - Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database soubor
.df3 - Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database soubor
.df3 - POV-ray soubor
.df4 - Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database soubor
.dfb0 - Soubor platformy MAC (Microphon)
.dfd - ABC programming language : Dyadic functions
.dfd - CWK soubor
.dfd - Data Flow Diagram graphic (Prosa)
.dff - Animation
.dfi - Digifont : Outline font deskription
.dfil - Soubor platformy MAC (Desk Accessory)
.dfil - Soubor platformy MAC (Desk Accessory Suitcase)
.dfl - OLE2 Docsoubor
.dfl - Signature : Default program settings
.dfm - Borland Delphi - Borland C++ Builder : Form soubor
.dfm - Data Flow Diagram model (Prosa)
.dfm - Delphi Forms
.dfm - Wintidy soubor
.dfs - Delight sound soubor
.dft - BullsEye (style sheet)
.dft - WaveMaker soubor
.dft - SolidEdge document (Solid Edge) | www.ugs.com/products/velocity/solidedge/solidEdge.shtml
.dfv - Word Print Format Template
.dfx - AutoCAD 3d/CAD graphics
.dfx - Micrografx Designer Effects = DLL
.dg - Auto-trol Vector : Vector graphics
.dgc - TurboTax soubor
.dgm - Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
.dgm - Digital Geospatial Metadata soubor
.dgm - LOTUS Freelance diagram
.dgn - ArcView Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
.dgn - Intergraph Design Drawing /Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
.dgn - MicroStation Vector graphics (CAD drawing)
.dgn - Microstation95 CAD Drawing soubor
.dgo - Dimitrius Settings soubor
.dgpd - Soubor platformy MAC (DeltaGraph Documen)
.dgr - Soubor platformy MAC (DeltaGraph Documen)
.dgr - Design CAD (Microstation95)
.dgr - Format Pivot Graphic (FAX)
.dgrh - Soubor platformy MAC (DeltaGraph)
.dgs - AT Advanced Diagnostics soubor
.dh - Geoworks : Dependency information for .ph
.dhe - Dialog Box Hep Editor soubors
.dhe - Visual Basic Dialog Box help editor document
.dhf - Help Maker soubor
.dhp - Dr. Halo II-III PIC format : Bitmap graphics
.dhr - Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res; writes 2 colors
.dhrp - Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 2 colors compressed
.dht - Gauss : Datasoubor
.di - Digital Illusion format
.di - Sound
.dia - Computer Support Corporation : Diagraph graphics
.dia - Diaporama
.diag - DIAGNOTICS chemical modeller output soubor
.dib - Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic
.dib - Mime: image/bmp
.dic - Custom dictionary
.dic - DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine format : Bitmap graphics
.dic - Lotus Domino Dictionary
.dic - Lotus Notes Dictionary
.dic - Mime: text/plain
.dic - spellcheck soubor (various)
.dic - WordExpress2.0 dictionary
.dicm - Digital imaging and communications in medicine
.dicom - DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine format : Bitmap graphics
.dict - Soubor platformy MAC (Spellswell Dictionary)
.dict - Dicts soubor
.did - Adobe Acrobat Distiller
.did - BullsEye soubor
.dif - Data Interchange Format : many Database's
.dif - Database soubor (VisiCalc)
.dif - Difference data soubor
.dif - Microsoft Excel Data Interchange Format soubor.
.dif - Mime: video/x-dv
.dif - Navy DIF
.dif - OS/2 : Display Information soubor
.dif - Output from Diff command - skript for Patch command
.dif - Raytheon Raster : Bitmap graphics
.dif - Spreadsheet
.dif - Text soubor (Output from Data Interchange Format)
.dif - Video
.dif - Wright Design's Design Image Format
.dif - Display Information soubor
.diff - Patch skript : Difference data soubor
.dig - Sound Digilink format (Sound Designer I)
.dig - Text Document ASCII
.digi - DIGIBooster module format
.dil - Delphi soubor
.dil - Dialog LOTUS or HighEdit import-export images
.dil - WordExpress2.0 soubor
.dimg - Soubor platformy MAC (Disk Image Drawinggng-dmg)
.dimg - Soubor platformy MAC (Disk ImagesoryropInng-i)
.dip - Debug Info Processor (Watcom Debugger)
.dip - Graphics soubor
.dip - Picture/tbv
.dip - Watcom Debugger : Debug info processor
.dir - ArcView : INFO directory manager soubor
.dir - CPS Backup
.dir - INFO directory manager soubor (ArcView)
.dir - Macromedia Director soubor
.dir - Mime: application/x-director
.dir - mscreate.dir
.dir - Procomm Plus Dialing Directory
.dir - VAX - CPS Backup : Directory soubor
.direcT - Thoroughbred basic direct / sort soubor
.dis - Corel Draw Thesaurus
.dis - DATAIR Data Import Specification Layout soubor
.dis - Image DKB ray-tracer
.dis - Image Qrt Ray-Tracer
.dis - Mime: application/vnd.Mobius.DIS
.dis - Mobius : Distribution database
.dis - VAX Mail : Distribution list
.dit - Microsoft Windows 2000 : Active directory schema
.divx - Movie Encoded with DivX-codec
.diz - Deskription soubor for Bulletin boards
.diz - Deskription In Zip soubor soubor_id.diz
.di_ - Game: doko inst soubor
.dj - DJGPP docs soubor
.djv - DjVu soubor Bitmap graphics
.djvu - DjVu soubor AT&T
.dk - Danemark: danish text
.dk@p - Soubor platformy MAC (DocMaker Standalone Doc)
.dkb - DKBTrace : Raytraced graphics
.dkc - Virtue Deskshow Compiler
.dkd - Virtue Deskshow ScreemDemonstrato
.dki - Game: doppel kopf soubor
.dkp - Dreamkeys plug-in
.dkp - Virtue Deskshow SlidePresenter
.dl - Animation (Italian origin)
.dl - Display - DL Viewer : Animation
.dl - Image Format (MAC)
.dl - Mime: video/dl
.dl - Mime: video/x-dl
.dl$ - System Dllbackup soubor
.dl0 - Abbyy Finereader 4.0 Sprint soubor
.dlb - SmartBook
.dlct - Soubor platformy MAC (AppleScript Dialect)
.dld - Data Lotus 1-2-3
.dld - DLLdetective
.dlg - ArcView : Graph soubor
.dlg - Dialog Resource Script : MS WINDOWS
.dlg - U.S. Geological Survey Digital Line Graph vector image(geographical data)
.dlk - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
.dll - A soubor containing runtime routines for use with program soubors.
.dll - CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
.dll - Dynamic Link Library
.dll - Mime: application/x-msdownload
.dlm - Dirty Little Helper Cheat soubor
.dlm - souborMaker Pro : Data
.dln - Scanner Recognita soubor
.dlo - DOS7 SYSTEM soubor
.dls - Blood2
.dls - IMA Interactive Music Architecture : Sound instruments (Downloadable sample soubor)
.dls - Norton Disklock : Setup
.dlu - Dirty Little Helper Update soubor
.dlv4 - Catia soubor format
.dlz - Data soubor (compressed)
.dl_ - Animation / image
.dl_ - DLL backup
.dm - Borland dbase
.dm2 - Misc
.dm2 - Quake II recorded game format
.dma - Direct Memory Access programming soubor
.dmd - Corel Data Modeling Desktop
.dmd - Visual dBASE Data Module
.dme - ??
.dmf - Delusion : Music format (Delusion Digital Music soubor)
.dmf - DMF Player Ver 0.52B
.dmf - Microsoft Windows Disk Map soubor
.dmf - Packed Amiga disk image
.dmf - XTracker Digital Music soubor
.dmg - Mac OS X Disk Image soubor (Treated like a real disk)
.dmg - Oracle binary format dump soubor
.dmgr - Soubor platformy MAC (Desktop Manager)
.dmj - Dustman selection for delete
.dml - Darn! Shopping! Mall soubor
.dmo - Derive : Demo
.dmo - Duke Nukem 3D/Redneck Rampage recorded games
.dmo - gen. demo
.dmo - S3M compressed modul
.dmov - Soubor platformy MAC (Font/DA Mover)
.dmp - INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
.dmp - ORACLE soubor
.dmp - screen or memory Dump
.dmp - Dump RAM paměti
.dms - Compressed Amiga soubor archive created by DISKMASHER
.dms - Mime: application/octet-stream
.dms - Packrat database index
.dmt - Delphi Runimage Delphi Bin soubor
.dmv - Acrobat Catalog soubor, contains parsing rules for tagged text soubor
.dmw - DrawMe vector image
.dmy - container soubor
.dmy - Dummy
.dna - Mime: application/vnd.dna
.dna - NewMoon : Distributed Network Application info
.dnc - Compressed dictionary soubor BITS(c)HOP MASTER-Dictionary
.dne - Darn v5+ Windows Events List
.dng - Digital Negative
.dnk - Killad soubor
.dnl - comma seperated value soubor from Concordance Database by Dataflight Software, Inc.
.dns - DynSite Plug-in soubor
.do - digital line graph optional vestor data
.do - Java servlet soubor
.do$ - Modem Bitware Fax disk2 soubor
.do0 - Sysinfo Sa51swe soubor
.do1 - Sysinfo Sa51swe soubor
.do2 - Sysinfo Sa51swe soubor
.dô4b - Soubor platformy MAC (Cross-Platform Database)
.dô4d - Soubor platformy MAC (Cross Platform Document)
.dô4m - Soubor platformy MAC (Cross Platform)
.do7 - dos 7 soubor
.dob - Visual Basic user document form soubor
.doc - Dokument Microsoft Word | www.microsoft.cz
.doc - Soubor platformy MAC (Word Documentackage)
.doc - DisplayWrite 4
.doc - FrameBuilder Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - FrameMaker Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - generally text soubor. maybe propriatary format.
.doc - Interleaf Document format Interleaf
.doc - maybe Microsoft Word .DOT soubor
.doc - maybe RTF
.doc - Microsoft BIFF soubor
.doc - Microsoft Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Mime: application/msword
.doc - MS DOS Word2x,3x,.. Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Palm Pilot DOC soubor format
.doc - PFS Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Samna Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - SmatWare Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Sprint Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Total Word Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Volkswriter Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Wang IWP Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - WordMarc Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Wordpad text
.doc - WordPerfect Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - WordStar Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.doc - Write Formatted text, mixed ascii and binary
.docc - Soubor platformy MAC (DragThing Colors File)
.dock - Soubor platformy MAC (DragThing)
.dock - Dock Database chemical modeller input soubor
.docm - Word 2007 XML Macro-Enabled Document (Microsoft Word 2007) | www.microsoft.com/office
.docx - Dokument aplikace Microsoft Word 2007 | www.microsoft.cz/
.dof - WinTidy soubor
.dog - Laughing Dog Screen Maker : Screen soubor
.doh - Geoworks : Dependency information for .poh
.dok - Dokument, often ascii text
.dok - german or dutch text
.don - Textur Editor soubor
.done - cygwin postinstall soubor
.doo - Image Doodle (Atari)
.doo - Vibrants : Music
.dor - Mime: model/vnd.gdl
.dor - Mime: model/vnd.gs.gdl
.dore - Dore raster soubor format
.dos - 1st Reader : External command soubor
.dos - DOS 7 system soubors. Win 95 boot up in DOS.
.dos - gen. Network Driver soubor
.dos - NDIS network card driver
.dos - Text soubor (DOS)
.dosa - (MAC CREATOR CODE) Unknown PC soubors
.dosa - Soubor platformy MAC (PC Exchange)
.dot - Corel Lines-Definition
.dot - Mime: application/msword
.dot - Mime: application/x-dot
.dot - MS Word Document Template
.dotm - Word 2007 XML Macro-Enabled Template (Microsoft Word 2007) | www.microsoft.com/office
.dotx - Word 2007 XML Template (Microsoft Word 2007) | www.microsoft.com/office
.doug - Soubor platformy MAC (Resourcerer)
.dov - temp soubor
.dox - Microsoft Word : Text document
.dox - MultiMate V4.0 document
.dox - Visual Basic user document binary form soubor
.doz - VENDINFO : Deskription Out of Zip
.do_ - compressed doc soubor
.dp - Common Group
.dp - Daily Planner : Calendar soubor
.dp - DataPhile : Data soubor
.dp - Mime: application/commonground
.dp - Portable Document; Common Ground Digital Paper
.dp - Text
.dp - THOR database : Primary data soubor
.dp$ - Ntgraph Visual c wizzard soubor
.dpa - Archive
.dpa - Serif DrawPlus Animation
.dpb - Fax master soubor
.dpc - Game: Uefa champions league Data gfx common object misc soubor
.dpd - ABC programming language : Dyadic predicates
.dpdb - Dock PDB chemical modeller input soubor
.dpg - Deleted program group; Windows Applications Manager
.dpg - DPGraph : Mathematical graph
.dpg - Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
.dpgraPH - DPGraph : Mathematical graph
.dpgraPH - Mime: application/vnd.dpgraph
.dpi - Pointline bitmap
.dpj - Borland Delphi : Project
.dpj - DeskProto CAM : DeskProto project soubor
.dpk - Deleted package, Windows Applications Manager
.dpk - Delphi Package soubor
.dpl - Borland Delphi 3 Packed Library
.dpl - Digital Photo Librarian Database
.dplt - Soubor platformy MAC (AppleScript Droplet)
.dpmi - DOS Protected-Mode Interface Programming
.dpp - Serif DrawPlus Drawing
.dpq - PCX format
.dpr - Borland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project and state related info
.dpr - Desk Project
.dpr - Wintidy soubor
.dpro - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacDraw Pro (PC ext: MDP)
.dpro - (MAC CREATOR CODE) MacDraw Pro
.dpro - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw Pro)
.dpt - Publish-It! : Publication soubor
.dpx - Animation
.dpx - Cineon DPX soubor : Bitmap graphics (Digital Moving Picture Exchange) see also cin
.dpx - Image Kodak Cineon
.dp~ - Bc31 Bin soubor
.dql - DataEase : Database
.dqy - MS Excel ODBC Query soubor
.dr$ - Modem Bitware Fax disk2 soubor
.dr3d - Soubor platformy MAC (CorelDream 3D)
.dr9 - Directory soubor
.drag - Soubor platformy MAC (Drag and Drop)
.draw - 2d Graphic
.draw - Acorn's object-based format : Vector graphics
.drc - Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report soubor
.dre - DReport exported report soubor
.dres - Diagnosis Results
.drf - Photoline Drawing Filter
.drl - Music source soubor ( computer game)
.drm - Cubase Drumsets Kawai soubor
.drn - Darn for DOS
.drp - DReport report soubor
.drs - BMP /tbv
.drs - Display Resource of WORDPERFECT FOR WINDOWS
.drs - Draw Perfect (1.0) Font
.drs - Text
.drs - WordPerfect Driver Resource
.drst - Soubor platformy MAC (Drive Setup)
.dru - Wfm384s demo soubor
.drv - Device Driver : this is what makes a device function
.drv - Program Overlay
.drvf - Soubor platformy MAC (FaxSTF Driver)
.drw - Drawing (various)
.drw - Image LOTUS Freelance
.drw - Micrografx Vector Graphic DEsigner 2.x 3.x
.drw - Mime: application/drafting
.drw - Pro/E : Vector graphics
.drw2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Canvas 3.5 Drawing)
.drw5 - Soubor platformy MAC (Canvas 5 Drawing)
.drwg - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw file)
.drwg - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw II files)
.drwg - Soubor platformy MAC (MacDraw II Drawing)
.drwr - Soubor platformy MAC (Drop Drawers Drawer)
.drx - DReport binary soubor
.dry - Executable (Net2000)
.dry - XAIRON organizer diary soubor
.drz - Draz Paint image format
.drz - DReport compressed report soubor
.dr_ - compressed DRV soubor of VFW
.ds - chemistry Software
.ds - TWAIN Data Source ( = DLL)
.ds4 - Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
.dsa - PKCS7 signature, DSA
.dsb - Rayman2 play
.dsc - DeSCription soubor
.dsc - Deskription soubor
.dsc - MIME Tag types : Tag deskriptor soubor
.dsc - Mime: text/prs.lines.tag
.dsc - MS Belief Network (MSBN is an expert system)
.dsc - Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification soubor
.dsc - Oracle Discard soubor
.dsc - PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification Version 3.0
.dsc - SoftImage Scene soubor
.dsce - Diagnosis Scenario
.dsd - DataShaper : Database soubor
.dsd - Document Structure Definition soubor XML or WWW3
.dseg - Soubor platformy MAC (DropSegment)
.dses - Diagnosis Session
.dsf - Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
.dsf - DriveSurf picture
.dsf - Micrografx Designer V6.x, V7.x
.dsf - MS Belief Network document (infix formula declarations)
.dsf - PC-TRUST Document Signer : Extension means soubor is signed
.dsg - DOOM : Saved game
.dsjt= - Director 5 Resources Type "DsJt" Creator "MD95"(MAC)
.dsk - Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop Settings soubor
.dsk - Desk
.dsk - Novell NetWare disk drivers
.dsk - ZX SPECTRUM emulator soubor
.dskp - Soubor platformy MAC (Desktop Patterns)
.dsl - DSSSL Style Sheet
.dsl - Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
.dsm - Delphi Symbol soubor
.dsm - Digital sound module Tracker Format (DSI)
.dsm - MS Developer Studio macro :VBA = Visual Basic for Applications
.dsmr - Soubor platformy MAC (TWAIN Source Manage)
.dsn - Design (Object System Designer)
.dsn - Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers
.dsn - Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic soubor
.dsn - SureThing Office Labeler (formerly DesignExpress) Document
.dsn - Surfcam soubor
.dso - MS Visc 6 Dev studio workspace soubor(renamed to old, converted from vc5)
.dsp - Display parameters (Signature)
.dsp - DLL used by Norton viewer
.dsp - Dr.Halo : Graphics display driver
.dsp - Dynamic Studio : Dynamic Studio Professional Module
.dsp - Graphics Display driver (Dr. Halo)
.dsp - MS Developer Studio Project, replaces mak
.dsp - Signature : Display parameters
.dsq - Corel QUERY soubor
.dsr - Active Designer soubor Visual Basic
.dsr - Micrografx Designer graphic
.dsr - WordPerfect for Win Driver
.dss - DCC : Screensaver soubor
.dss - Digital Soup sound soubor
.dss - Digital Speech Standard soubor (various Voice Recorders)
.dss - Digital Speech Standard soubor IBM ViaVoice
.dssl - DSSL style sheet SGML (like Scheme )
.dst - CubicPlayer soubor
.dst - Embroidery machines graphic soubor
.dst - Micrografx Designer template
.dst - PC-RDist, by Pyzzo distribution soubor
.dst - Win : WAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL
.dstf - Soubor platformy MAC (DropStuff)
.dstl - Soubor platformy MAC (Acrobat Distiller)
.dsw - Borland C++ Desktop Settings
.dsw - MS Developer Studio Workspace used to be mdp and bld
.dsx - Micrografx Designer graphic
.dsx - Visual Basic active designer binary soubor
.dsz - Win Help related soubor
.ds_ - Compr. Scanner us driver soubor
.dt - DAT backup
.dt - Macintosh soubor data fork
.dt5 - Brother's Keeper genealogy soubor
.dta - Data soubor for eg: TURBO PASCAL / PC-FILE
.dta - gen Datasoubor, can be text as well as binary data
.dta - Stata
.dta - World Bank's STARS data
.dtaus - Misc
.dtazv - Misc
.dtb - After Dark soubor
.dtb - Cybermedia uninstaller
.dtb2 - Soubor platformy MAC (Timbuktu Pro DropIn)
.dtc - windows: applog journal
.dtd - DTD : SGML Document Type Definition
.dtd - Mime: application/xml
.dtd - Mime: text/xml
.dte - Win Applog soubor
.dtea - Diagnosis Template Archive
.dted - geographical data format : Digital terrain elevation data
.dtf - Database soubor of PFS-Questions & Answers
.dtf - ICEM CAD : Data soubor
.dtf - MS Exchange Header soubor (Used when sending to Lotus Notes)
.dtfl - Soubor platformy MAC (Desktop Fil)
.dtg - Win Applog soubor
.dth - Windows Applog soubor
.dti - Fifa2001 data comon soubor
.dti - Windows Applog soubor
.dtj - Win Applog soubor
.dtl - computer game "The Sims"
.dtl - Windows Applog soubor
.dtm - DigiTracker module (sound / music)
.dto - Directory Toolkit output soubor (Directory Toolkit) | www.funduc.com/directory_toolkit.htm
.dtp - Datastorm Technologies, Inc. ProComm Program Patch
.dtp - Page Express desktop publishing document
.dtp - PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3 : Publication
.dtp - Pressworks : Template soubor
.dtp - SecurDesk! Desktop
.dtp - Text Document of Timeworks Publisher 3.x
.dtpc - Soubor platformy MAC (LaserWriter Configuration)
.dtq - Database Tools Query
.dtr - Swisslog Downtime Analyzer Report
.dts - Directory toolkit skript (Directory Toolkit) | www.funduc.com/directory_toolkit.htm
.dtx - LaTeX document (doctrip)
.dtx - Q&A soubor
.dt_ - Mac-ette : Data fork of a Macintosh soubor
.dua - Game: fifa 2001 data feart legalscr soubor
.dub - Audio Utility Tuningwrench Tuning compressed soubor
.dum - Ada Ada Tutor soubor
.dump - Mime: application/octet-stream
.dun - Dial-Up Network config soubor
.dun - Dunce soubor
.dup - Backup soubor (Duplicate)
.dus - ??
.dut - Dutch text soubor
.dv - DESQview Script
.dv - Digital video soubor
.dv - Mime: video/x-dv
.dvc - Lotus 1-2-3 soubor
.dvd - Animation
.dvd - DOS Device Driver soubor
.dvd - Misc
.dvdt - Soubor platformy MAC (MacLink)
.dvf - DV Studio Camcorder Graphics soubor
.dvg - Graphics Works list of symbols
.dvi - Action Media II Digital Video Interactive movie
.dvi - Mime: application/x-dvi
.dvi - TeX : Text document (TeX Device Independent soubor Format)
.dvm - DVM Movie soubor Format
.dvp - AutoCAD Device Parameter
.dvp - DESQview program information soubor
.dvr - Device Driver
.dvr - Program Overlay
.dvr-ms - Microsoft Digital Video Recording (Windows Media Player) | www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/
.dw2 - DesignCAD Drawing soubor
.dw4 - Visio/DisplayWrite 4 text
.dwarf - DWARF (debug with arbitrary record format) (Acrobat)
.dwb - Coryphaeus Software Designer : Workbench
.dwc - DWC : Compressed soubor archive
.dwd - DiamondWare digitized soubor; a Datawrite soubor: sound
.dwf - Autodesk WHIP! Drawing Web soubor compressed image
.dwf - Mime: drawing/x-dwf
.dwf - Mime: drawing/x-dwf (old)
.dwf - Mime: model/vnd.dwf
.dwf - MS WHIP
.dwg - 2d Graphic
.dwg - AutoCAD Drawing
.dwg - AutoCAD Drawing Database
.dwg - Drafix CAD
.dwg - Mime: application/acad
.dwg - Mime: application/autocad
.dwg - Mime: image/vnd
.dwg - Mime: image/vnd.dwg
.dwg - Mime: image/x-dwg
.dwg - older Generic CADD drawing format
.dwg_ - Soubor platformy MAC (AutoCAD file)
.dwi - dwisoubor open with: DEPENDS.EXE /dde
.dwj - Dynamic Submission 2000 V6 soubor
.dwl - Textur Editor compressed soubor
.dwm - Dwstk soubor
.dwp - DeScribe : Document soubor
.dwp - Dweep Game Levels
.dwr - WordEpress2.0 soubor
.dws - Dyadic : Workspace soubor
.dwt - AutoCAD : Template soubor, or prototype
.dwt - Macromedia Dreamweaver Template soubor
.dwv - WAV
.dwx - DesignWorks Viewer Tools soubor
.dwz - Designer Projects Template soubor
.dx - Auto-trol Raster image : Bitmap graphics
.dx - Data explorer document
.dx - Document Imaging soubor
.dx - Mime: chemical/x-jcamp-dx
.dx - MultiMate word processor document
.dx - Protein : JCAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format Kinetic
.dx - Text soubor (DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus)
.dx - THOR database : Cross-reference data
.dxb - AutoCAD drawing exchange format (binary) (vector)
.dxb - Database
.dxe - amiga emulator soubor
.dxf - 2d Graphic
.dxf - 3d Graphic
.dxf - AutoCad Drawing eXchange Format (text representation of the binary DWG )
.dxf - Fh7 image soubor
.dxf - Image PSP
.dxf - Micrografx Picture Publisher special effect
.dxf - Mime: application/dxf
.dxf - Mime: image/vnd.dxf
.dxf - Mime: image/x-dwg
.dxf - Mime: image/x-dxf
.dxn - Fujitsu dexNET : Fax document
.dxr - Adobe Acrobat soubor
.dxr - Macromedia Director Protected -non editable- Movie soubor
.dxr - Mime: application/vnd.dxr
.dxr - Mime: application/x-director
.dxt1 - S2TC compressed Surface soubor (texture) (see also DDS)
.dxt2 - S2TC compressed Surface soubor (texture) (premultiplied alpha)(see also DDS)
.dxt3 - S2TC compressed Surface soubor (texture) (see also DDS)
.dxt4 - S2TC compressed Surface soubor (texture) (premultiplied alpha)(see also DDS)
.dxt5 - S2TC compressed Surface soubor (texture) (see also DDS)
.dy22 - Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 22k)
.dy44 - Sound (Dyaxis format) (sampling rate 44k)
.dyl - EPOC16 : Dynamic link library
.dylib - Dynamic library
.dyn - Lotus soubor 1-2-3
.dyna - Format for storing info on 3-d motions
.dzs - character soubor
.d_ - Midiprg Seqmax Seqprest compressed soubor
.d_t - Eru/erd soubor
.d~l - .DLL copy (Creative)